^_^ Why You Are Addicted to Technology E-book by J.H. Pii

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^_^ Why You Are Addicted to Technology E-book by J.H. Pii Download and Read online, DOWNLOAD EBOOK,[PDF EBOOK EPUB],Ebooks download,Read Ebook EPUB/KINDLE,Download Book Format PDF

^_^ Why You Are Addicted to Technology E-book  by J.H. Pii

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Why You Are Addicted to Technology PDF

by : J.H. Pii



Book Description:

We have been talking about the symptoms for years, it is about time to talk about the disease. Just like you, I am not immune to Big Business Technologies. There are sophisticated, algorithmic means of why you and I are addicted. The problem is not in the degrading of us into political factions, or how we seem to waste more and more of our time online. They are problems, sure, but they are symptoms from the deeper disease. This book puts the illness out in the limelight, exposes what the Big Business Technologies won’t show you, and helps us arrive at practical solutions to make our lives and nations better. Sounds lofty right? I know. But I am certain that you will be convinced just like I have been. Cut through the things you already know are wrong and get to the root of the matter; how to change what is endemic to our Big Business technology problems. Discover multiple reasons why you are addicted to technology and how to practically alleviate it.You will know that even some “good” changes can lead to grave outcomes, which will make us live in the dystopian worlds of George Orwell and Ales Huxley. Discover why you are a means to an end. And know that the spying, probing and prodding on you may be for your own very benefit. We buy fire trucks in advance to put out the roaring flames if your house is burning. But we also use fewer igniting materials, we have safety-professionals annually approving known fire starters and a conscious non-burning-your-house-down lifestyle. The same is with Big Technology. But right now we are willingly burning our houses down while complaining that the fire trucks never arrive; not how to prevent the houses from burning down to begin with. Changing these platforms starts by informing yourself of the tangible problems, not the manifestations from them, like Echo Chambers, Mood Contagion, or wasted time, so tap or click the Buy button and have your eyes opened.

Book Detail:

Title: Why You Are Addicted to Technology

Author : J.H. Pii

Pages : 70

Publisher : J.H. Pii

Language : eng


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