How One Should Prepare For an NDIS Plan Review Meeting

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The very first scheduled NDIS plan meeting happens 12 months after joining the NDIS registered provider Geelong.

How One Should Prepare For an NDIS Plan Review Meeting

The circumstances will keep on changing time and again, and so does the support needs.

This is why the registered NDIS provider Geelong encourages you to have an annual review to make sure that they know your changing circumstances and update your NDIS plan as per those requirements. This review plan meeting is considered a great opportunity to make sure that the NDIS plan matches the needs and goals of the disabled individuals or those you support.

The very first scheduled NDIS plan meeting happens 12 months after joining the NDIS registered provider Geelong. This planning meeting can happen face-to-face, over the call or on a video call. The disabled individual or the member has full right to bring their friend, family member or your support coordinator.

Three different types of review

Recognising that every individual has a unique situation. Therefore there are three pathways that NDIS Registered Provider Geelong review could take. The type depends upon how much you want to change your plan as per the circumstances. This depends on things like whether any big or major circumstances are coming up, like planning to start a family or getting a new job, or maybe one needs a different type of support.

It does not matter what type of review you will need, but it is important to prepare properly for the meeting to ensure that you get the right kind of support for the rest of the year ahead of them.

●    A new plan with the same supports

If there is no change in the impact of your disability, you don’t have any specific changes coming your way. In that case, your NDIA plan meeting turns out to be more of a check-in to see how you have been travelling throughout and answer the questions that just popped through the entire year. In such a situation, you will either have the same NDIS plan or make minor modifications to it.

●    A new plan with minor changes to current supports

If you do not get what you were expecting in your first plan from the NDIS registered providers Melbourne, or you did not know what to ask for in your plan and now are aware, then your plan review might have minor changes in your current plan. For example:

You might need repairs in any of your assistive technology within the next 12 months

You would want to self-manage parts of your funding for more flexibility.

●    Full plan review

If you have completely different circumstances, then your NDIS plan review will be more comprehensive.  This will be very similar to your first NDIS meeting with your NDIS Registered Provider Geelong, which had all the detailed information about your goals, situations, and the types of support you will need. Examples of when you would have a full review :

  1. If the impact of your disability has been changed
  2. Your personal or living arrangements have changed
  3. If you are about to embark on a new phase of life, for example, new studies or a job.

The children with disabilities will usually be having a full plan review every year, given how quickly their lives and circumstances are changing.

●    Getting ready for your NDIS plan review

The people under the NDIS plan who have changed or stayed the same, who are preparing for the NDIS plan review, might feel like hard work. However, having the NDIS planning tool makes it so much easy for them. It helps you give a step-by-step process for grabbing the maximum information you will be needing for a successful meeting.

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