^_^ Eu Internet Law )^ by Andrej Savin

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^_^ Eu Internet Law )^ by Andrej Savin Download and Read online, DOWNLOAD EBOOK,[PDF EBOOK EPUB],Ebooks download,Read Ebook EPUB/KINDLE,Download Book Format PDF

^_^ Eu Internet Law )^ by Andrej Savin

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Eu Internet Law PDF

by : Andrej Savin



Book Description:

This timely and detailed book is a state of the art overview of Internet law in the EU, and in particular of the EU regulatory framework which applies to the Internet. At the same time it serves as a critical evaluation of the EU's policy and governance methods and a comparative analysis, mainly contrasting American with EU solutions.The book begins by examining the EU constitutional context within which the Internet is regulated and the various policy documents which informed the regulation over the years. It then continues to describe the basic instruments in each of the relevant fields, covering electronic commerce, jurisdiction, content regulation, intellectual property, consumer protection, privacy and criminal regulation. Each is observed as a framework through which the Internet is regulated. Rather than provide a comprehensive catalogue of applicable instruments, the author analyses their interaction.EU Internet Law will appeal to academics, students, and practitioners, and will be of interest to the legally-minded and legally-informed public as it discusses issues of general importance and interest.Contents Preface 1. Internet Regulation in the European Union 2. Electronic Commerce 3. International Jurisdiction and Applicable Law 4. Speech and Content Regulation 5. Liability of Intermediaries 6. Intellectual Property 7. Consumer Protection and Marketing 8. Data Protection and Privacy 9. Digital Identity and Electronic Payments 10. Cybercrime 11. Concluding Remarks Index

Book Detail:

Title: Eu Internet Law

Author : Andrej Savin

Pages : 288

Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing

Language :

ISBN : 1845429370

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