What's the Deal with Identity Theft _)^ by Robert M Ryerson

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What's the Deal with Identity Theft _)^ by Robert M Ryerson

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What's the Deal with Identity Theft? PDF

by : Robert M Ryerson



Book Description:

In 2015, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Breaches at healthcare companies Anthem and Premera alone exposed 91 million consumer records to the bad guys. In 2014, more than one billion records containing personally identifiable records were leaked. Today, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Everything from your credit card information to your medical history is at risk. This is a frightening book. Robert Ryerson talks about the black market value of stolen data like medical records and the reality that our innocent children can be victims of this crime. This book makes it clear that identity theft is a crime that impacts the victim in many ways. Once hit by identity theft, victims have little recourse, as identifying the perpetrator is sometimes impossible. They must work, many times on their own, to correct fallout from the theft, and to try to restore their reputation, personal records and credit. But this book is also a hopeful book. It offers solid, cost-efficient advice to help you avoid identity theft as much as possible, and recover from it as quickly as possible when it happens. The author, Robert Ryerson is a certified identity theft risk management specialist who works with individuals and families every day on this issue. His day is split between warning them about the dangers of identity theft and showing them how best to correct the situation, quickly. It's the responsibility of all Americans to educate themselves about this crime. Currently, one in four Americans are impacted by identity theft. As technology improves and the bad guys continue to get smarter, that number will grow. Read this book. Pass it on. This book will help you to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. And if you do become a victim, it will teach you how to address and correct the situation, and how to restore your identity as quickly as possible.

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Title: What's the Deal with Identity Theft?

Author : Robert M Ryerson

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