Best On Internet dom [BOOK] by Marvin Ammori

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Best  On Internet dom [BOOK] by Marvin Ammori

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by : Marvin Ammori



Book Description:

Every few years, a new book comes out explaining that the future of the Internet is at risk. And every few years, it really is. This book explains why.In this important new work, On Internet Freedom, leading advocate and First Amendment scholar Marvin Ammori explores why the Internet is continually under threat, what’s at stake in the battle for Internet freedom, and how Internet users can rise up to protect their rights. Written for average Internet users, not just for lawyers and technologists, this accessible book explains these issues and their significance for anyone who has ever sent an email.Internet freedom has become as fundamental as the right to vote. As the Internet continues to evolve and take on a larger role in our democracy and economy, our freedoms come under ever greater threat. Although new technologies may increase our connectivity and make our communications more secure, technology alone is not enough. In the face of misguided efforts by governments and corporations to increase their control over the Internet by bending and shaping the laws, everyday users must be willing to work together and jump into the political process at key moments to protect their own rights. These struggles can help ensure a more inclusive democracy in which the few will not control the speech rights of the many. Ammori analyzes three related case studies on the freedom of users to connect with one another—the fight against copyright legislation known as SOPA; the reactions to government officials pressuring private companies like PayPal (in the case of WikiLeaks) and YouTube (in the case of The Innocence of Muslims) to silence speech by means of private “terms of service”; and the long pursuit of network neutrality and its importance to the connected future we will soon live in. Ammori identifies the key arguments and the major stakes in these struggles over the future of our basic freedoms. He also clarifies the roles of key players—including you.

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Title: On Internet Freedom

Author : Marvin Ammori

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