5 Home Decor Tips for the Rainy Season

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Top Home Design Tips for the Rain Lover

5 Home Decor Tips for the Rainy Season

Cool breezes, green surroundings, and rainy showers!! yes, we are talking about the most-awaited and mesmerizing rainy season which is loved by every individual. The much-needed season after the torture of the blazing sun. Rainy seasons make you experience the most memorable days of your life when you sit peacefully on the balcony, enjoying your space with your loved ones, having hot ginger tea or coffee with some snacks while enjoying beautiful rainfall. 

But everything comes with a cost. Where you can enjoy the season while sitting at home, you also have to face muddy footprints, moldy smells, undried clothes, sitting all the time inside the house, and whatnot. For those who don’t allow themselves to go outside the house when it’s raining and love to sit inside, isn’t it a great idea to get creative about your home décor and make it more interesting to enjoy the weather the most? 

Check out here some quick home décor tips for the rainy season:


Hang a beautiful windchime on your balcony or window where the cool breezes pass them while touching it and a mesmerizing tinkling sound comes out of it. You can use any type of windchime whether it is made of bamboo or any metal for your space. Mostly, aluminum or metal-made windchimes are preferred for the windows while bamboo windchimes are hung on the balconies. 

Adding Colors to the Interiors

When it is dark outside and the clouds keep flashing the lights, it is the best idea to add some bright colors to the gloomy interiors. Without spending much, you can some minor changes like changing regular cushion covers to multiple dark color ones, adding armrests to sofa or chairs, etc. When the flashing light from outside puts on these bright colors, it makes the environment more interesting and fresher. 

Scented Candles

Sometimes continuous outside darkening and not seeing the sun for so many days depress the mood. The moldy smells and wetness all around are kind of irritating sometimes. Lighting the scented candles not only helps in coming out of that gloomy depressing environment but also refreshes the house with the beautifully scented flowery fragrance. You can keep these fragrance candles in a stylish-looking stand on your dinner table and enjoy your supper.

Adding Greenery

It is the best season the add green plantation inside and outside the house as well. Placing indoor plants in the house is a great idea for purifying the inside air. Various options are available in the market for indoor plants that help in enhancing your interior as well as in increasing the oxygen level all around. Having green plants inside the house makes you feel fresh and happy. 

Clean Doormat

It is the most important thing to be kept outside the door during the rainy season. Ask everyone to clean their shoes or legs while entering the house. Choose the material of the doormat carefully as it is meant for removing the dirt from the shoes. You can select materials like jute, coir, rubber, etc. for selecting a doormat, especially for the rainy season. 

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