_ The Lawyer's Guide to Pclaw Software ) by Steven J. Best

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_ The Lawyer's Guide to Pclaw Software ) by Steven J. Best

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The Lawyer's Guide to Pclaw Software PDF

by : Steven J. Best



Book Description:

Being a successful attorney does not always mean that you have the acumen to run your business to its maximum potential. Between managing your clients, your time, and your finances, you may spend more time on day-to-day tasks than the actual business of law. Luckily, there's a solution. Finding the right organizational tools can take all the hardship out of running a practice, and PCLaw(R) is the best time, billing, accounting and practice management software on the market. But even the best tools can be limiting without the proper guidance and support. The Lawyer's Guide to PCLaw(R) Software by law practice management expert Steven J. Best delves into the intricacies of PCLaw(R) and gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your practice with maximum results. This book will cover: -Concepts and functions of PCLaw(R) -Properly setting up the program to work best for your practice -Effective organization of both clients and their cases -Accurately calculating your fees and time -Expense recovery -Financial management, including check writing, billing, and client receipts -Closing your months and running reports -Using advanced features of the softwareAdapting PCLaw(R) to most every type of law practice -And much more!

Book Detail:

Title: The Lawyer's Guide to Pclaw Software

Author : Steven J. Best

Pages : 314

Publisher : American Bar Association

Language :

ISBN : 1634250567

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