[_book] Ransomware Protection Playbook _) by Roger A Grimes

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[_book] Ransomware Protection Playbook _) by Roger A Grimes

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Ransomware Protection Playbook PDF

by : Roger A Grimes



Book Description:

No cybersecurity plan will ever be perfect, no defense is impenetrable. With the dangers and costs of a successful ransomware attack on an organization increasing daily, it is important for cybersecurity and business leaders to have a prevention and recovery plan before disaster strikes.In Ransomware Protection Playbook experienced penetration tester and cybersecurity evangelist Roger Grimes lays out the steps and considerations organizations need to have in place including technical preventative measures, cybersecurity insurance, legal plans, and a response plan. From there he looks at the all important steps to stop and recover from an ongoing attack starting with detecting the attack, limiting the damage, and what's becoming a trickier question with every new attack - whether or not to pay the ransom.No organization with mission-critical systems or data can afford to be unprepared for ransomware. Prepare your organization with the Ransomware Protection Playbook.

Book Detail:

Title: Ransomware Protection Playbook

Author : Roger A Grimes

Pages :

Publisher : Wiley

Language :

ISBN : 1119849128

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