_)^ The Computer - My Life Read_)^ by Konrad Zuse

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_)^ The Computer - My Life Read_)^ by Konrad Zuse

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The Computer - My Life PDF

by : Konrad Zuse



Book Description:

Konrad Zuse is one of the great pioneers of the computer age. He created thefirst fully automated, program controlled, freely programmable computer using binary floating-point calculation. It was operational in 1941. He built his first machines in Berlin during the Second World War, with bombs falling all around, and after the war he built up a company that was taken over by Siemens in 1967. Zuse was an inventor in the traditional style, full of phantastic ideas, but also gifted with a powerful analytical mind. Single-handedly, he developed one of the first programming languages, the Plan Calculus, including features copied only decades later in other languages. He wrote numerousbooks and articles and won many honors and awards. This is his autobiography, written in an engagingly lively and pleasant style, full of anecdotes, reminiscences, and philosophical asides. It traces his life from his childhood in East Prussia, through tense wartime experiences and hard times building up his business after the war, to a ripe old age andwell-earned celebrity.

Book Detail:

Title: The Computer - My Life

Author : Konrad Zuse

Pages : 246

Publisher : Springer

Language :

ISBN : 3540564535

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