^PDF/ONLINE)READ Relentless by Natasha Miller

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^PDF/ONLINE)READ Relentless  by Natasha  Miller

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Relentless PDF

by : Natasha Miller

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Book Description:

Relentless chronicles one woman's triumphant arc from living in a homeless shelter to making the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing companies in America.Natasha Miller takes you along on her journey as she breaks free from a troubled, abusive childhood; overcomes the trappings of transiency; and harnesses her sheer grit to build a multi- million dollar entertainment production company while raising her daughter as a single parent.But that isn't where her story ends. Bogged down by the daily grind of working in her business instead of on it, Miller sought an alternative. She shares the transformational inner work she did to grow her confidence and independence as well as the strategic, practical steps that enabled her to activate profits, optimize her systems, and become a leader with intention.Rich with personal anecdotes and nuggets of wisdom, Relentless is a book to come back to when you need honest advice from an old friend, a jolt of energy to kickstart your life, or simply a reminder that you can do it, whatever "it" may be.

Book Detail:

Title: Relentless

Author : Natasha Miller

Pages : 212

Publisher : Poignant Press

Language :


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