P.D.F)^ High Performing Teams in Brief by Michael Colenso

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P.D.F)^ High Performing Teams in Brief  by Michael Colenso

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High Performing Teams in Brief PDF

by : Michael Colenso

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Book Description:

High Performing Teams is the essential handbook for managers seeking to enhance productivity and revitalize the workplace. It shows how to put teams together and accelerate their development so that they become high performing more quickly and thus repay the investment in setting them up.The book touches on the extensive theoretical background of teaming and focuses on pragmatic advice and experience. It is: *rich in case studies and applications *full of quick and easy checklists *and contains executive summaries.Michael Colenso is a freelance consultant and an Associate of Wilson Learning and of the Europe Japan Centre.The ...in brief books provide a critical 'snapshot' of the major management fashions and fads influencing business strategy. They cut through the consultants' jargon and steer a practical, common sense course through the theory and hype. They provide managers with a balanced view based on evidence rather than missionary zeal, so that they can be better informed.

Book Detail:

Title: High Performing Teams in Brief

Author : Michael Colenso

Pages : 188

Publisher : Routledge

Language :

ISBN : 0750633549


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