You will totally relate to these 7 things if you are lazy.

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The article below tells about 7 things a lazy person is bound to do or does.

You will totally relate to these 7 things if you are lazy.

Laziness sometimes gives rise to artistery,but most of the time lazy people are bound to do some things that make them apart from the normal or rather active rest.Here are  7 things that must be doing on a regualar basis if you are a lazy person.


1.You spend a good chunk of your time on bed- Be it either sleeping or texting or or reading your bed is your best friend for most of the day.You spend so much daily time on it that it is like your sibling.You lay on it for hours doing something or many a times even nothing.

2.You sleep long hours- Ever happen that you forget where you are after waking up?This mostly happens if you sleep more than required by your body.A lazy person might experience this multiple times a month.

3.You doze off multiple times in a day- Laziness is many times complementary to sleeping.But in addition to sleeping you doze of many a times,like after every meal or sometimes even without any reason.

4.You don't like socialising- Most of the lazy people have one thing common they make a world of their own.If you also don't like meeting people every other day and like to remain at home you are in this category.

5.You don't maintain personal hygiene- You always give preferance to 15 more minutes of sleep than a good bath.Even if you eat in a dish you don't feel like cleaning it up.

6.Physical activities are negligible- Can't remember when you last played a good game of football or ran a mile?Lazy people don't feel like doing any of the above,that's why they are called lazy in the first place.

7.You prefer packaged food over cooking-Always think a packet of chicken nuggets is better than preparing chicken at home?Lazy people mostly try to purchase and buy rather than cooking.This saves them from disturbing their hard earned relationship with bed and going to fuel the burner.

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