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EPUB)DOWNLOAD The Franchisee Lifestyle  by Adam  Goldman

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The Franchisee Lifestyle PDF

by : Adam Goldman

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Book Description:

Adam Goldman, the nation's top Franchise Coach and Consultant, will discuss how to find the right franchise opportunity. There are thousands to choose from. How do you know what’s a good opportunity and what is not? Corporate America isn't what it used to be. It used to be that you were guaranteed a job for life. Investing in a franchise business is a great way to "hedge your bets" by creating an additional stream of income in a proven business. Adam interviews existing franchisees from diverse backgrounds who have already invested in franchise business opportunities that will discuss their own journey into independence and how this could benefit you as you are exploring franchise business opportunities.If you have ever considered investing in a franchise, this book will give you the confidence to go for it and invest in your own piece of the American dream.

Book Detail:

Title: The Franchisee Lifestyle

Author : Adam Goldman

Pages : 32

Publisher :

Language : eng



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