How to Reset and Recover Outlook PST Password

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In this blog post, we will describe the method of recovering and resetting Outlook PST file passwords.

How to Reset and Recover Outlook PST Password

Multiple users are using the Outlook email client to communicate with the rest of the world. Outlook uses PST file format to store all information/data in the local storage. However, to make the PST file safer, some users should be password protected.

Sometimes the user may forget their password due to any issues. So there are continuous increases in the search query by the user to reset the Outlook password. Don’t worry, as we will guide you to reset PST password and, along with the way, recover them. Before we come out with the third-party solution, let’s check out some of the better manual methods which will assist in recovering the password from the PST files.

Quick Ways to Recover Outlook PST file Password

There will be problems for the users who have forgotten their PST file password. Microsoft Outlook provides an inbuilt utility to reset PST password, but they are not sufficient as it is weak. However, the good news is that the three are manual utility known as pst19upg.exe, a command-line tool that helps recover the PST password.

But before we start explaining this utility to recover PST passwords, we will give you some brief about the Outlook password protection method.

Using MS Outlook:

  • The first step is to launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now straightway, click on Info from the Outlook file menu.
  • Make a click on the Account Setting.
  • Now in the Account Setting dialog box, select the Data file tab.
  • Users need to choose their data file and click on Setting.
  • Here, choose the Change Password Tab.
  • Now mention your desired new password. Once done with all the required details, hit the OK button.

Now we will move towards the following utility, which helps reset and even recover the password from the password-protected PST file.

Reset the PST file Password pst19upg.exe

It is a free utility with Microsoft Outlook; the user can download it from the internet.

  • Firstly, the user needs to make sure to close the Outlook application.
  • After that, the user needs to open the ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Utility). Users can find this utility's location depending on the Outlook version.
  • After opening it, you need to click on the Repair button. (Make sure to backup PST data before starting the repair process)

After processing the above steps, follow the given steps to reset PST password.

  • To open the CMD Prompt, the user must press the window key + R.
  • Here, the user will need to look for the location of the PST file.
  • After that, the new PST file with the name of psq, where the psq represent the PST file name.
  • Users can also rename the newly created PST file to the name of the older PST.
  • In the Command Prompt, the user should enter the home-newfilename. psq. After that, press the Enter to complete the process.

After following the above-listed procedure, the password will get erased from the PST file.

But there are some limitations of this utility that it cannot reset the password from the Unicode PST file. It can only reset a password from the older Outlook PST file. So it is better to implement third-party software to deal with such situations.

Third-Party Software to Reset Password from Outlook PST

There is a need for a utility that will overcome all the limitations of the manual method. One utility that outclasses the native solution is the Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery tool which works proficiently while recovering the password from PST.

This solution can quickly recover the PST password written in any language and of any strength. Users can also reset PST passwords from multiple Outlook data files (.pst) of any size. The user also has a PST file created on any Outlook version. The software easily recovers the password from them.

After the task completion, the software automatically produces the task report, which the user can download on the system.

Wrap Up

We hope this article can clear the doubts of most of the users facing the PST password recovery issue. It is clear that the manual method to reset PST passwords comes with multiple downsides. Alternatively, we have explained one professional solution which comes with an excellent & advanced set of features. Users can look at both of them and move with one that best suits them.

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