Dogs Love it but should NOT have it!

Posted 2 years ago in PETS & ANIMALS.

Fruit snacks have always been a favourite amongst us. We’ve always loved to pop it in our mouths as one of the most common finger snacks. But have you ever wondered can dogs eat fruit snacks too?

Dogs Love it but should NOT have it!

A few weeks back, I was working from home and it turned out to be a really busy day. I couldn’t really focus on meals so finger snacks became my favourite companion. 

So much so that I even passed it on to my Dog even without thinking if it’d be good for him or dangerous. 

So, I immediately looked up the internet and spoke to few of my inner circle’s pet parents.

To my relief I found out that while giving fruit snacks to Dogs occasionally is okay but on general terms it is a strict No for dogs. So, can dogs have fruit snacks? The obvious answer is No!

Yes! Fruit snacks are not good for dogs at all mainly because of two reasons – Sugar & Preservatives. 

High sugar content can pose serious health risks like diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis and many more life-threatening diseases. Preservatives, on the other hand, are nothing but toxics for your dogs.

Besides, sugar comes from fruit concentrates which are basically fruit juice made out by extracting all the water from the fruit. 

So, none of the healthy nutrients like fiber passes on with the fruit concentrates which leaves it just to a big sugar ball.

In addition, fruit concentrate from grapes is worse for dogs. In general, Dogs should not eat grapes at all as it is toxic for them and poses greater health risks.

So, are fruit snacks bad for dogs – Yes, if eaten regularly!

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