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In this article you will get to know about the best ways to setup a Canon MX490 Wifi Setup.

How to do Canon MX490 Wifi Setup- Exceltechguru

There are many devices that have a significant role in educational and work life. Some of them have a direct impact on the work and others indirect. Within the indirect one, the printer is essential. Paper documentation is still very relevant in many educational and other official institutions. Thus, the machine plays an important role. Most of the documentation is done in the computer system. Thus, getting the final output is possible through this device. Similarly, students require the machine for the works in relation to their academics. When such a machine is purchased. It is important to understand its working process. We will learn about one such device in this article regarding Canon MX490 WIFI Setup.

Why is it important to learn this process?

The technology on which the deice functions may be hard to understand. But the method to use it is pretty easy. But for a beginner in using such technology, it would require some knowledge. Once you gain that, you can do this process daily without any complications. Thus, learning the Canon MX490 Wifi Setup procedure is important.

Initially, such machines were costlier. They were heavy and needed to be placed closer to the device, that would provide them the input. But as the technology developed, this process changed. Today many of such machines are available at very cheap prices, they are lighter and easy to move. One of the special characteristics of this device is WIFI Technology.

Significant Role of the Wi-Fi Technology in the process

Initially, the machine needed a cable to transfer certain items within it, to produce the output. These cables were usually of a limited length and allowed only a single device to connect. Wi-Fi Technology has changed this process. Through this technology, the data is transferred through radio waves. Thus, providing input through a long-distance is also possible. This also makes it possible to connect through multiple devices of different variants. To avail of this technology, the Canon MX490 Wifi Setup procedure is important.

The method of doing the procedure

For the machine to work smoothly according to your requirement, a certain procedure needs to be done. The methods given below will assist in doing the setup.

Method no.1: Making the Device ready to use

If you have brought a new device there are certain things, you have to do. Doing them is important to use the device to do your work.  So, let’s do the initial work, before going to the actual process of Canon MX490 WIFI Setup

  • Procedure no.1: Within the machine, there will be many items given. One of them is the black color cord. You have to connect the cord to your machine. Further, you have to connect the machine to the power supply. Once done, press the power button, within the machine.
  • Procedure no.2: Now, the light will start blinking and the screen will start. Some basic things must be done, as per the instructions given on it.
  • Procedure no.3: On the front side of the machine, there will be a flap. Beneath it, there will be another one. In that second inner flap, two slots are present. With the device, they might have given two ink cartridges. Add them here.
  • Procedure no.4: First, close the inner flap. Within the outer flap, you will find an area to add paper. Add it, there.

Method no 2: Doing the setup

After, the initial procedure is done, to device lets you move forward. Here, the collections are done, to doing the work. Through this, the user will be able to connect the device. So. Let’s see how to do the Canon MX490 Wifi Setup procedure.

Keys that you need to understand before doing this process

  1. Settings Key.

If you see below the display, there are many options that will help you to certain things. One of them is settings. It is very easy to identify the options. It will contain two hardware items. These are the screwdriver and the Pliers. The small icon of both these tools will be on this button.

  1. Arrow Keys

Beneath the screen, there are two buttons. These buttons have an arrow-like icon. Both these arrows are pointing towards opposite directions. With the help of these buttons, you will be able to choose the option your want. You can get back and forward, towards your option, through this.

  1. OK Key

This is the final Key that you need to know about while doing the process. To change the settings, there will be various options available on the screen. Now you will get the right option that you want, by using the upper buttons. But this is not enough to select. To, actually select the option this key is important. The OK key will help the user to select an option over the screen.

  1. Copy Key

As per the name, it is used to copy. But here the Key will be used at the end of the process. It is available beneath the arrow key. To identify it more precisely, the key contains an icon for two papers. The paper below will be blank and the paper above will contain lots of lines.


  • Procedure no.1: Pres the Settings Key. To identify, which is this key, please do read the above-given description.
  • Procedure no.2: The option will load. The first itself will be, ‘Wireless LAN Setup’. This option basically means setting up your device with a Wireless Wi-Fi Connection. Therefore, the option must be selected. To do so, press ‘OK’
  • Procedure no.3: The screen will now show up an instruction to press the WPS Button. Basically, this button is available in your Wi-Fi Router. Through this button, you can create a connection within any device without any lengthy procedure to follow. Press the button for a while.
  • Procedure no.4: After doing so, similarly press the ‘Ok’ button too, for a while.
  • Procedure no.5: Your Wi-Fi Router’s name will appear on the screen. Selecting it.
  • Procedure no.6: Press the Copy Key. To know which key it is, read the above-given description.


  • You can also do the process using the WPS code. For this, in the second process rather than choosing ‘Wireless LAN Setup’, select ‘Other Setup option’. Now, an option will appear to add the code. Select the option. Add the code you want. Select ‘OK’ Key and then ‘Copy’ Key.  

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