Bihar To Begin Caste Census Today

English News 07 Jan 2023 23

The Bihar government will be initiating its much awaited caste-based census..

The Bihar government is initiating its much-awaited caste-based census on Saturday. The project is estimated to cost around Rs 500 crore. The census exercise will be held in two phases. In the first stage, which should be over by January 21, all households in Bihar will be counted for the caste-based census.

In the second phase, which is likely to begin in March, data related to people of all castes, sub-castes and religions will be gathered. The financial status of the people will also be taken by the enumerators, whose training began on December 15.

The data will be collected through a mobile application, as part of the eight-level survey, from the panchayat to the district level. The application will ask people about the place, caste, members of the family, occupation and income per annum. Mostly, teachers, Anganwadi, MGNREGA or Jeevika workers will be the enumerators who will gather data.

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