COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Tracker Sites and Bots Can Notify You When a Slot Opens Up Nearby

Mandeep Sethi 11 May 2021 178

Using CoWIN to search for slots can be slightly cumbersome, but there are alternatives...

Vaccination is now open for people between 18 and 44 years as well, but getting an appointment is difficult as slots are filled up fast and searching through the CoWIN portal manually to find an appointment is slow and cumbersome, likely because of the huge number of people trying to use the site in order to get vaccinated. However, a number of developers have been creating resources to make it easier for people to find out when the next appointment is available nearby, to make it faster and easier to book a COVID vaccination through the CoWIN platform. Although the government has made changes to the API that is used to get this information, developers have also made changes, and these notifications continue to help people find appointments in these very difficult times.

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