I had all the support I needed - Rajpal Yadav on receiving help from Bollywood during the financial ..

Mandeep Sethi 19 Jul 2021 232

Rajpal Yadav opens up about the financial crisis and recently adding his father’s name as his middle name..

Rajpal Yadav spoke about the period of financial difficulty and said, “I feel everyone should keep their doors open for others... How would I be here if people didn't help me out? The whole world was with me, I had my beliefs to keep me going, I knew that I had all the support I needed." Recalling his days of being new in Mumbai. He said, “When you land up in Mumbai, an unfamiliar new city, where you share an auto with others to get to Borivali... Then, when you don't have money for an auto, you walk to Juhu, Lokhandwala, Adarsh Nagar, Goregaon, sometimes even Bandra, carrying your photo with you, looking for some success, then what are you talking about? If life seems tough, the mission is easy.”

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