Ola Electric scooter trouble continues, broken suspension bends EV’s body

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Ola Electric scooter trouble continues, broken suspension bends EV’s body..

Ola Electric's nightmares seem set to continue, as another instance that's gone viral on social media comes only days after reports of an S1 Pro catching fire in Pune. Several pictures of a broken-down Ola S1 Pro have gone viral on the internet in recent days, and the front apron appears to have been damaged by the failure of the front fork. Let's have a look at what happened.

Last year, Ola Electric's electric scooters, S1 and S1 Pro, garnered a lot of talk in India. The firm was able to acquire a large number of pre-orders as a result of the publicity. As a result of some difficulties, the manufacturer has had to postpone the start of deliveries considerably.



Despite assurances from Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on social media that the bulk of the company's scooter orders had been fulfilled, a large number of consumers remain anxious. Several issues have been documented with the scooters that consumers have received.

The most recent incident happened in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, when the scooter crashed head-on with another motorcycle, causing Ola's front suspension to break. Ola has validated the authenticity of this material. As a result of the scooter's accident, the front suspension of the Ola S1 Pro broke. According to Ola, the scooter rider who was injured suffered minor injuries and left the scene on his own.

The front suspension on two-wheelers usually breaks after an accident because the handlebars take the most impact, and the same thing happens with heavy bikes such as the Royal Enfield.

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