WhatsApp Users Alert! Now you can make voice calls with 32 people

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In a voice call, WhatsApp can now handle up to 32 people. The update will be available to Google Android and Apple iOS users...

New Delhi: Last week, WhatsApp revealed a slew of new features. The expansion of the voice calling feature was one of the primary features on that list. In a voice call, WhatsApp can now handle up to 32 people. This is a significant increase from the previous 8 participants. During the peak of the pandemic, WhatsApp increased the group voice and video calling limit to 8. Only phone calls will provide support for 32 people.

The update is rolling out to Google Android and Apple iOS users. WhatsApp's FAQ page has been modified to reflect the increased limit. "Group calling allows up to 32 users to voice call with each other for free using WhatsApp," according to the new FAQ section. The new call restriction is also available to Apple users. According to the App Store listing, the new update supports 32 participants.



"Group phone calls now support up to 32 people, and have an improved UI with a social audio layout, speaker spotlight, and waveforms," according to the App Store listing.

When you receive a group voice call, the incoming WhatsApp group voice call screen will display the members who are currently on the call, with the participant who added you mentioned first. The 'Calls' page will display the history of group voice calls. You can view the individual participants from the call by tapping the call history. If missed calls are still active, you can join them.

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