Penalty Shooters 2 - raise the sport spirit

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Penalty Shooters 2 is a new extreme sports game that many people are looking forward to because of the thrilling gameplay it offers.

Penalty Shooters 2 - raise the sport spirit

Penalty Shooters 2's introduction

Penalty Shooters 2 game is a new extreme sports game at that many people are waiting for because of the exciting gameplay it brings.

Penalty Shooters 2's gameplay

Welcome to the new volume of the Penalty Shooters series! This game is back with new leagues, teams, and ways to have more fun. You can select your fantasy league from the most famous football nations. You have to participate in matches to defeat your opponents before going to the final match. To score goals, aim the ball and kick it, or maneuver your goalie to prevent any balls from entering the net. Note that the goalkeeper is smart enough to remember where you shot previously, so remember to switch it up. In this fun sequel to one of the most popular online soccer games of all time, try to score as many goals as possible and win the tournament.

In this game, you begin competing in matches by scoring penalties and stopping them while the goalkeeper alternates. Penalty Shooters 2 features around teams from 12 leagues. For each League, you must first complete the group stage before moving on to the knockout stage.

HOW TO PLAY Penalty Shooters 2

Your task in your penalty kick practice game is to shoot the ball on the penalty spot accurately to defeat your opponent in the official 5 penalty shootouts, and accurately block the opponent's shots. Score your own goal.

Use the left mouse button to click and hold to perform actions when playing the game.


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