Top 8 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Accurate Flow Measurement

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Coriolis mass flow meters are known for their high accuracy in measuring fluid flow.

Top 8 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Accurate Flow Measurement

Coriolis mass flow meters are precision instruments used for measuring the mass flow rate of fluids. They operate on the principle of the Coriolis effect, which involves the detection of the Coriolis force exerted on a vibrating tube through which the fluid flows. As the fluid moves through the tube, it causes the tube to twist, and this twisting motion is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid. By measuring the extent of tube twisting, Coriolis mass flow meters can provide accurate and direct measurements of the mass flow rate, density, and temperature of the fluid. They are widely used in various industries for applications such as process control, custody transfer, and batch blending, where precise and reliable flow measurement is crucial.

How accurately do Coriolis Mass Flow Meters measure

Coriolis mass flow meters are known for their high accuracy in measuring fluid flow. They can provide measurement accuracy within a range of typically ±0.1% to ±0.5% of the measured value, depending on the specific meter and application.

The accuracy of Coriolis mass flow meters is achieved through the direct measurement of mass flow rate, which is independent of fluid properties such as density, viscosity, and temperature. This means that Coriolis flow meters can maintain their accuracy even when fluid conditions vary.

Additionally, Coriolis flow meters are not affected by changes in fluid composition, making them suitable for measuring a wide range of fluids, from liquids to gases and even multiphase fluids.

Why accurate measurement of the flow of fluid is important?

Accurate measurement of the flow of fluid is of utmost importance for several reasons.

  • It enables efficient process control, ensuring that the right amount of fluid is delivered at the right time, leading to improved productivity and reduced waste.
  • Accurate flow measurement also facilitates precise dosing and blending of fluids, crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing.
  • Accurate flow measurement aids in maintaining product quality and consistency, optimizing energy consumption, detecting leaks or irregularities in the system, and complying with regulatory requirements.
  • It enables better decision-making, enhances process optimization, and supports cost-effective operations across industries.

Here are the Top 8 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Accurate Flow Measurement.

1, Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters utilize curved tubes to detect the Coriolis force resulting from fluid flow. The vibration of the tubes and the flowing fluid combine to generate a synthesized force, leading to symmetrical tube displacement. Displacement sensors on the tubes accurately capture this force and convert it into electric signals, enabling direct measurement of mass flow.

2, 4-inch Coriolis flow meter

The 4-inch Coriolis Mass Flow Meter operates based on the Coriolis Force Principle. Although the 4" Coriolis flow sensor is relatively large in size and the flow meter itself is bulky, it is widely utilized for precise mass flow measurement of liquids, masses, and vapors. It is especially suitable for challenging fluid measurements that require high accuracy, such as high-viscosity fluids like molasses, glucose, syrup, tar, honey, grease, raw materials, and heavy oil. Silver Automation Instruments offers competitively priced 4" Coriolis flow meters from reliable manufacturers in China, ensuring robust quality.


3, Bent tube Coriolis flow meter

The SH-CMD Series of bent tube Coriolis flow meters is specifically designed for challenging fluid measurements, including high-viscosity or high-pressure media. These flow meters offer direct measurement of fluid mass flow without the need for pressure, temperature, viscosity, or density correction. The SH-CMD mass flow meters utilize digital drive, DSP signal processing, and a unique structure to ensure high stability and excellent seismic performance.

4,LiquidMass flow meter

A liquid mass flow meter is a precise device engineered for measuring the mass flow rate of liquids. It provides an accurate assessment of the liquid quantity passing through a designated location within a specified timeframe. This flow meter relies on the principle of mass measurement rather than volume, ensuring exceptional accuracy and reliability in its readings.

5,Coriolis gas flow meter

The Coriolis flowmeter is primarily designed to measure temperature, density, and flow rate simultaneously. One notable example is the SH-CMF Series Coriolis mass flow meter offered by Silver Automation Instruments, which excels in directly measuring the mass flow of fluid inside the tube without introducing any intermediaries that may cause substantial measurement errors.

6,High temperature Coriolis flow meter

The high-temperature Coriolis flow meter operates by utilizing the vibration of its vibrating tube to precisely measure the mass flow rate of the fluid. It is engineered to withstand fluid temperatures as high as 350°C (662℉) without the need for temperature and pressure compensation. By directly measuring the mass flow rate, this flow meter ensures accurate and reliable results in high-temperature applications.

7,Coriolis Effect Mass Flowmeter

Coriolis flow meters are renowned for their exceptional precision in directly measuring the mass or quality of fluids, ensuring accurate flow measurement. These meters are characterized by their absence of inserts, moving parts, or electrode pollution, resulting in a reduced failure rate and facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance. They offer versatility in measuring a diverse range of media, encompassing gases, liquids, chemicals, and even high viscosity substances such as resins, honey, and syrups.

8, Small Coriolis flow meter/flow controller


Unlike conventional Coriolis flow meters that primarily cater to large flow measurements, SH-CMF-FE utilizes Coriolis flow technology specifically designed for low flow rates. It incorporates PID control and batch functions, enabling precise control and feeding at ultra-low flow rates, making it an ideal choice as a P&ID mass flow meter.


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