7 Interesting Facts of Chess Game

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Learn the chess facts as a beginner and expert


7 Interesting Facts of Chess Game

Chess is a game of intelligence and involves a great level of thoroughness and strategies in order to keep ahead of the best game spirit. Sparkling chess academy is one of the best chess institutes in Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad & Delhi. We have students coming from various backgrounds and levels of experience in the game all we do is to train them with the right approach so that they stand out of the crowd.

chess facts
Facts of Chess Game


Today in this blog we will be discussing the 7 interesting facts of chess that can motivate you and at the same time the tips that one need to keep in mind while playing chess game so that they can speed up their game learning process and understand the roots of the game. At sparkling chess academy there is a fun environment for learning and we have well-experienced and trained coaches who carry an experience level for more than a decade. We greatly emphasize the fact that it’s never too late to understand the basics of the game first and then accordingly implement the strategies.

So here we start with our 7 Interesting facts!

1. Did you know the word Check-mate came from the Arabic word which means the king is dead!

2. Did you know that folding chess boards came from the chess-playing priest as it was not allowed for them to play chess so folding chess books was invented back.

3. Usually, players in their first year are called Rookies and this word is derived from the word called “Rooks” which means the last pieces of chess to move into action.

4. Did you know that the second book ever printed in English was about chess.

5. Earlier chess was only played by Nobels & Kings that’s why it is called the game of Kings.

6. Vishwanathan Anand has won the chess world championship in all three formats.

7. The move where Pawn could move two steps instead of One was introduced in Spain.

So, these were a few fun facts about chess and we are sure that you surely enjoyed reading them. For more such tricks and tactics required in chess, you can get in touch with us. The Sparkling Chess Academy is one of the best chess institutes in our country.