A Guide To Online Change-Making: How To Become A Social Activist

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Today, social activism is more important than ever.

A Guide To Online Change-Making: How To Become A Social Activist

There are dozens of huge social issues being addressed every day, and people are doing their best to spread the word and engage people. Also, the platform for change-making has changed, when compared to just a few decades ago. More and more people today use the internet and this is where all social activists are the most active. This is where people join in, hear about the issues and try and let their voices be heard. The biggest platforms for this are definitely social media, and if you are thinking about making a change, here is how you can use these platforms to speak up. 


Identify Your Cause

When starting your own campaign for social activism online, you have to have a cause. If you have any reason to fight, such as inequality, injustice, or any other social issue, put it on paper and identify and define your cause. There are many online resources on various topics that can help you find guidance towards your goal. And once you’ve found your cause, start searching for platforms to reach as many people as possible. But first, you have to establish your mission. 


Your Mission

Since you will be using the internet and social media to support your cause, it is essential to define your missions and goals. The internet is a huge place and there are millions of people in order to attract the right ones, with the same concerns as you, you have to be strict and clear about what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, it can just spiral into a big mess where everyone is just arguing instead of fighting together for the same cause. Sit and define the mission, set achievable goals, and map out the steps on how you’re going to reach those goals. Without such a plan, you might end up with no supporters. 


Activate Your Cause

Now that you’ve figured out your cause and goals, it is time to start the campaign. Since the internet is a big place, you have to find the right platforms to attract and engage other people to fight for the same cause. Today, one of the best platforms for social activism certainly is social media platforms. Everyone uses them and there are millions of people who can engage, share, and help you achieve your goals. Additionally, more and more forum platforms for free speech are popping up, like Blahface for example, where you can find numerous like-minded people who can help you support your campaign. Do thorough research on your target audience and only then start pushing your campaign. This is a sure way to reach the right people and let them spread the word to the rest of the world. 


Don’t Forget Hashtags

When using social media for any cause, you have to rely on the tricks of the trade to get the word out. The best way to do that is to use clear and straightforward hashtags. People love using these in their posts, and you should too. Brainstorm a few hashtag options that no one else is using, and make sure they are to the point and their meaning obvious. 


Humanize Your Content

If you want to reach people with your cause and concerns, you have to tell a good story and post content that will resonate with fellow humans. You should make all of your content relatable and don’t post anything bland or that is lacking an engaging spirit. You want people to stand up and get involved, and you can only achieve that through relatable content filled with emotions. To make sure your social activism campaign carries weight, show and tell people how the situation makes you feel, how others feel about it, and why the topic does matter a lot!


Review Your Analytics

Last but not least, you will have to keep track of your data. If you are engaging people on social media, you should use tools and analytics to see how successful you are. Analytics can only help you in terms of improving your campaign and how you can reach more people. 

Social activism should be all of our biggest concerns today. There are dozens of social issues happening all around the world and our voices need to be heard. The best way to reach bigger audiences is through online social activism and these tips will help guide you. Do the research, identify the goals, and start acting. 


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