The best startups in the world for 2022

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AI-powered world every day, this is a great time for tech startups to make their mark. As we all know AI and robots will rule the future.

The best startups in the world for 2022

As we move closer to an AI-powered world every day, this is a great time for tech startups to make their mark. As we all know AI and robots will rule the future, and many venture capital firms and technology investors are looking at the technology industry from a bird's eye view of all the new ideas you can bring to life. With hundreds of new startups being launched every day, we decided to compile a list of the most promising new startups of 2022 based on their success stories and the venture capital they have raised. If you do not have enough finances to develop a startup, you can try to earn money at online casino NZ.

Startups in the field of artificial intelligence


Attracting and surveying customers just got easier with SurveyAuto, one of the latest startups in the AI ​​industry. SurveyAuto uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect and analyze data, generating actionable insights in real-time. This startup is the brainchild of Dr. Umar Saif, a Pakistani entrepreneur. The startup has been running for the past two years but recently received funding for an undisclosed sum from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

A big data (ML) platform can do a lot, from parsing millions of data items and machine learning models in parallel to draw actionable insights from large amounts of data in real-time, to a cloud-based digital advertising platform that enables location-based digital advertising hyper-targeting on Google. , Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.


Spacemaker is another great startup that aims to develop sustainable infrastructure that can help companies grow while reducing pollution. This is one of the Millennium Goals of the United Nations. Infrastructure developers can take advantage of Spacemaker's services to provide the smartest ways to maximize the value of their real estate structure. They will generate and study billions of site proposals, select the best of them and provide infrastructure developers with detailed statistics on each of them. Spacemaker uses machine intelligence to create sustainable designs.


Can't find that presentation? Have you forgotten this task on your computer? Can't find the right book during the flight? Well, there is a solution to all of this. Capacity is a successful AI startup. Capacity is an artificial intelligence platform that links everything you need (all the apps of your choice) on one platform. Never lose a digital file again is the motto of the startup Capacity. The software uses artificial intelligence to know which apps you need at what time and keep them ready. This will help you and your team manage time, gain knowledge about what matters, and focus on achieving business goals.


Do you have a call center? Need a trainer for your sales and support team? Observe.AI is your platform. It's an AI-powered voice assistant that can turn your contact centers into money-making machines. How to do it? Well, Observe.AI uses several technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and an error-checking list to ensure that all your voice calls follow the same procedures. It monitors, monitors, and trains telephone agents to ensure that each of your calls can generate sales, thereby increasing profitability and reducing the number of uninterested callers.

Observe.AI is supported by Scale Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, and Emergent Ventures. In a short period of time, the startup has gained the trust of Tripadvisor, Microsoft, ERCBPO, Talkdesk, and other venture capital companies.

Eyeware tech

Eyeware Tech is a revolutionary startup in the tracking and recognition industry. He follows the gaze of a person and reveals the motive. The software is designed to solve real-world problems such as security, shopper choice, human intent, etc. It uses proprietary computer vision algorithms to increase human-machine interaction. 3D eye tracking software determines depth through cameras and allows remote 3D gaze tracking, all done with consumer 3D cameras. It helps capture real interactions, user attention, intentions, motives, and interests.


Customer support just got easier with Streem. Customers tend to be unhappy when they don't get the support they expect from a company. Introducing Streem, a customer support revolution that helps your customers pinpoint a problem through the lens of their smartphone, and your team can direct them through prompts right away.

Streem empowers product support engineers to provide critical insights through the use of proprietary technologies for spatial mapping, text recognition, and object and pose estimation.

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