Selena Gomez Show Is Perfect for Food Lovers

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The current coronavirus outbreak made it necessary to film the 10-episode series remotely.

Selena Gomez Show Is Perfect for Food Lovers

2020 was all about the quarantine, and most of us have become competent cooks by choice or by accident. And when HBO announced Selena + Chef as their new original series, they did it with that in mind. Selena Gomez is the star of the program in her unscripted cookery series, which was shot in her house during the quarantine. In each episode of HBO Selena recipes, Selena experiments with a new dish, and a different celebrity chef make a guest appearance. They discuss cooking hacks and how to handle mishaps in the kitchen. The current coronavirus outbreak made it necessary to film the 10-episode series remotely. 

Each episode's length, 23–25 minutes, is captured with sensor cameras and digital recording technology. Selena's living room and kitchen were equipped with remote cameras, which the crew controlled from outside. It is designed similarly to simulation games to keep you engaged in productive activities during quarantine. 

Angelo Sosa, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Nancy Silverton, Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choi, and Tonya Holland are among the list of renowned coaching chefs on the roster. The show Selena and the Chef's recipes, which debuted its first three episodes on August 13th, perfectly illustrates all of our "cooking for dummies" experiences.


The array of chefs mentioned above should be enough to support a fantastic culinary program, but the dishes are where the fun begins. In the first three episodes, Selena prepares simple dishes like a French omelette, a souffle, and seafood salads. In addition to giving your specific ingredient lists, or what is known as Mise En Place (you would see if you watched the show), the chefs also give you precise amounts for each item. And everyone exchanges advice and tricks.


Selena has frequently stated that she would become a chef instead of an actor or singer. She has never been in an environment where professional cooking is done before. And that dramatically increases its relatability. The fun thing is that you have a skilled mentor and an equally immature cooking partner in Selena when you are preparing meals to live while the show is in progress and following the recipes exactly as the Chef instructs.


The lighthearted tone of the show makes it hilarious and engaging, whether they're nailing a French omelette or undercooking the souffle. Additionally, Selena's inexperience with cooking adds to the show's charm. There are funny times when sneaky subtitles call attention to Gomez's culinary prowess.


Additionally, each culinary Chef is allowed to select a charity that deals with food, and the program provides $10,000 to that charity. The Chef discusses their passion for cooking and what led them on their culinary journey. They also discuss their efforts to support the neighbourhood during these difficult times.


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