MaxFit G3 - Smartwatch Features, User Experience, Reviews, Price And Benefits

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MaxFit G3 By consulting a professional you obtain the best along with the recent MaxFit G3

MaxFit G3 - Smartwatch Features, User Experience, Reviews, Price And Benefits

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While surfing the internet, we found this new wearable at a holiday price. The maxfit G3 smartwatch looks familiar due to its design. There have been many positive reviews about the smartwatch, but we don’t know if it’s really worth the money.

However, the main thing we want is the design and features. The smartwatch comes with a stylish silicon strap and a PC body. If the wearable is identical to what we are thinking. The smartwatch is lightweight, made of PC material and finished with a simple glossy style. The smartwatch's innovative design features direct USB charging. The silicon strap covering the charging connector can be removed and the smartwatch can be charged on any USB port.

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Features of MaxFit G3 Smartwatch

According to the product description, it has health monitoring functionality, checking your heart beat, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The app shows detailed graphs of your vital stats, which are quickly monitored and checked.

The wearable has fitness tracking. Apart from automatic activity monitoring, it also features a multisport mode. It monitors your sport activity as well as calories and distance. The MaxFit G3also has support for text messages and call notifications. It vibrates when the wearable receives a call or messages. It doesn't say, but it should support popular messaging apps.

Sleep monitoring is another function that the device offers. It can check your sleep time and monitor your sleeping patterns. It also includes a sedentary alarm, which will keep you awake and remind you to get up. Although this isn't stated, it should have a remote for photos, alarm, timer, and a few preloaded watches faces.

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MaxFit G3 Benefits

The MaxFit G3 smartwatch was not described on the product page. However, the specifications are listed in the product images. The wearable is equipped with a full color screen display and an OLED touchscreen. It may also have touch-button key operation. Because of its design, it might be IP67 or I68 waterproof. It can be used for heart rate monitoring and g-sensors. Bluetooth connectivity with Android or iOS is available.

Unfortunately, we do not have much information regarding the MaxFit G3 Smartwatch. Stay tuned for more information on the new smartwatch. Like with all smartwatches, make sure to check out more details, including reliable reviews, brand, and price.

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