How to recover hacked Facebook account?

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There are many ways by which you can recover your hacked Facebook account.

How to recover hacked Facebook account?

Write down some important points to recover a hacked Facebook account.

It is prevalent nowadays to hear about hacked accounts on Facebook. Many users use Facebook to get connected with other users worldwide. Facebook is a social media platform that allows different users to connect with worldwide activities and other users. It may have many advantages but also some disadvantages. Users mostly face problems related to their accounts getting hacked. They may have queries related to How to recover hacked Facebook account? There are many ways by which you can recover your hacked account.

  • Through Forgotten password option:

If you want to recover your hacked account, you can go for this option. Below are some tips which you can follow:

  • Open your device with a good internet connection and on the internet browser, go to the official support website of Facebook.
  • On the official website of Facebook, log in using a username, and now on the bottom, there will be an option of forgotten password. 
  • Click on the option, now a new page will appear on the screen. There will be some information asked to you to follow them correctly.
  • A verification or security code will be sent to your registered phone number or email. Enter the code number on the tab and click on the continue button.
  • On the new page, please enter the new password on the first tab and re-enter it on another tab and click on the Save button. 
  • Here you have to remember that the password should be strong enough not to get hacked again. Do not use passwords like a phone number or any other number which can be hacked easily.
  • Again, log in using your username and new password to your account.

The solution to your question on How to recover hacked Facebook account? is given above. Keep in mind that the password should get changed after every 45 days to be protected from hackers. The above-given steps can bring you out of the misery you must be facing due to the hacked Facebook account. 

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