How to Develop Your Mobile App Idea: Step-By-Step Guide!

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Every good app starts with the spark of an idea. This guide will help you turn your idea into reality with the help of 6 stages of app development - read more

How to Develop Your Mobile App Idea: Step-By-Step Guide!


Developing your own mobile app is exciting. During the process, you imagine a new business in which people pay you to use the application. But building an app is hard.


You need to do a lot of work, from creating a mobile app idea to designing the application, to get it published on an app store for users to download and enjoy with the help of top-notch android app development services.


Well, it is a common misconception among app enthusiasts that app development is an ‘overnight’ process. In reality, even the simplest of mobile applications require at least 3 months for the professional builder.


The process of mobile app development can be theorized in a standard way, no matter if you’re planning to create an idea app for Android or an App product for iOS. Each step of the production cycle has its own peculiarities and moments that could cause additional costs.


That is why it is so important to understand the inherent nuances and peculiarities before beginning work on your app. This article helps you understand the main stages of mobile app building, including all vital aspects, tech stack focus, and industry standards.

6 Stages of Mobile App Development Process:

Stage 1: Strategy

In the initial stage of the app development process, one of the main goals is to define its strategy. This consists of several steps that include researching the existing app market, defining business goals and needs, as well as its target audience.

With new app ideas being launched almost every day, it’s not easy standing out from the crowd. But for the success of your mobile app idea, you will need to perfect your app strategy.

Stage 2: Analysis and Planning

After all the research, planning, and brainstorming, your idea has taken a shape. Now you are ready to execute the plan for the next phase of app development which is analysis and planning. App development can be the most exciting and rewarding stage of the app development process.


The second stage creates the foundation of the app and shapes its appearance. Here, your mobile app development company will edit the detailed functional requirements, assign a specification to every requirement, set deadlines for completing each requirement, assign tasks for each specification, get talent involved in creating your app & more.

Stage 3: UI / UX Design

Mobile app UI / UX design is a collaborative process. In fact, it is the synergy of these two disciplines that helps create beautiful designs, functional apps and makes your app stand out in today's mobile market.


There are many mobile app design elements that you need to use – colours, fonts, textures, lines, and shapes to name a few – but the focus here is on using color as an example of UI design.

a) Information Architecture & Workflows

b) Wireframes

c) Style Guide

d) Mockups

e) Prototype

Stage 4: App Development

In this project phase of the mobile app development process, you should define the technical architecture of your mobile app. This requires that you should have extensive experience in one or more front-end technologies and server-side technologies.

a) Back-End/Server Technology

b) API

c) Mobile App Front-End

Stage 5. Testing

To run an effective Android/iOS app testing process, you need to make sure your test cases cover every aspect of it. This means ensuring all codes, designs, functionality, and security aspects are tested thoroughly.


Creating a robust performance testing suite can ensure that your app provides the right UX and that the code base is stable enough to be used by major corporations.

Stage 6. Deployment and Support

Once you’ve got your app’s details together, deploying your app involves several steps. This can take time and money. In the end, it will be worth the investment. Here are some things to keep in mind as you work through the process - An app’s release in the app store requires the following:

  • Your app’s title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • Launch icon
  • App Store screenshots

As you near the end of the mobile app development process, you’ll need to submit your app in our app portal. We recommend testing your app on all platforms before submission.

This can be tricky with certain types of apps because of different operating systems and screen sizes. We want to make sure your app is as easy and fun to use on all devices so that users can enjoy it the way you intended.

Final Verdict:

The development of an app has a bright future for all businesses. The fact is that customers along with other business entities are always on the move and the latest technology gives them major advantages to do this.

Mobcoder is a mobile app development company that can give you what you want in a timely manner. If you want to pull ahead of the competition, we’re here to make that possible.

With their creative mindset, our technical expertise, and the enormous power of work, you will achieve the desired results with the best android app development services.


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