Detailed Introduction Of Pace Innovations

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Pace Innovations is committed to its founders’ vision of teaming up and giving a new dimension to the legacy left by their parents. The company strives for uniqueness in all endeavors,

Detailed Introduction Of Pace Innovations

Pace Innovations is committed to its founders’ vision of teaming up and giving a new dimension to the legacy left by their parents. The company strives for uniqueness in all endeavors, while at the same time being purposeful in what they do. They are dedicated to transforming your space into one that you love living in; one that feels like home. Pace Innovations is a company that strives to innovate in order to meet the changing needs of today’s generation. We bring Brands and Products online, with the aim of shaping today while also bringing creativity into tomorrow through innovation – The goal is to embrace change as an opportunity at all times! 


History and Background

Pace Innovations trading under Pace International, is a sister company of Pace Ltd ( incorporated in 1988) with the mission at that time to provide state-of-art equipment to the textile industry mainly in Mauritius (our home country) and the surrounding islands in the Indian Ocean and South Africa. As the original textile boom in Mauritius has now been transferred to Madagascar due to much cheaper labor, Pace Ltd has decided to create Pace International Ltd with Alexander Robert and Timothy Julian Lee Tin Chin acting as the main spearheads to lead this new operation with mission to find innovative products in terms of design simplicity, safety and practicality. The Founders of Pace Innovations are two brothers that always envisioned teaming up and giving a new dimension to the legacy left by their parents. Although the change led by Robert and Timothy will be unfamiliar to the public, being unique and at the same time purposeful is what this is all about. Pace Innovations will make you see, believe and change. 


Meet The Co-Founders


Alexander is the Director of Pace Ltd. He started his career as an accountant at Ernst & Young before choosing entrepreneurship over corporate work for more creative freedom and opportunities to make a difference on daily operations such as logistics, sales and Research and Development.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes creativity, drive and courage to succeed in this world where corporate work can be suffocating at times with all its rules and procedures that you don’t always agree with. What matters more than anything else when starting your own business? Visionary thinking; knowing why you do this? And seeing potential opportunities through looking beyond what people expect or think might happen next. Lastly, learn from others who’ve gone before us so you do not repeat their mistakes and make your own ones. He hopes to bring the right changes through Pace Innovations. 


Timothy has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His time in the medical field at St George’s and King’s College London, not only provided an amazing educational experience but also sparked his love for entrepreneurship. This eventually led to the foundation of Pace Media in 2020. From the moment of his first entrepreneurial endeavor, Timothy had a calling to help others reach their goals.

As an entrepreneur himself, he understands that success isn’t just about what you do but how well it is done. He strives for excellence in all aspects of business leadership through research & development; product design; marketing strategy implementation; sales expertise – everything needed to bring innovation to the table at Pace Innovations. It’s not about what you charge but how well your company provides services and innovation that will keep customers coming back for more- A wise saying from the great Jack Ma. 


Brands Represented By Them

They are not just a distributor or an agent - They provide brands with the best representation possible, by working closely to understand their needs and desires. Their experience in different industries provided insight about what customers want from each brand so that they can be successful as soon as possible but also sustain long-term success through good relationships with their suppliers and clientele which builds trustworthiness within both parties involved. They strongly believe in the brands they represent and they truly feel that this is the root to success. 


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