Custom Printed Kraft Boxes and Packaging

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The cost-effectiveness and strength of Custom Boxes encourage retailers to use them for product storage.

Custom Printed Kraft Boxes and Packaging

Kraft boxes are considered the most user-friendly and eco-friendly boxes among many packaging items. These boxes by nature are brown in color, but with the help of high-tech printing technology, they can be printed in various other colors as well. These Kraft Boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. Due to the usual use of recycled material in the manufacture of these boxes, they are very popular among people who are conscious of the green environment.

Kraft boxes have raised the standard for packaging throughout the industry. They are used to package hundreds of everyday consumer products, including food, beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, and other retail products. Kraft cardboard boxes are recyclable and affordable. The material is used to make recycled packaging boxes, paper bags, food containers, and various other packaging solutions. They are becoming the preferred choice of manufacturers and retailers due to the advanced features they offer. Custom Boxes World UK offers some interesting customization for Kraft boxes.

You can print these boxes in designated shapes and sizes. The basic color of Kraft boxes is brown but with the help of the bleaching process they can be printed in various colors. We are aware of the importance of resistant materials and quality inks for printing packaging boxes; therefore Custom Boxes World UK uses the best materials and inks and provides Brown Kraft Boxes. Kraft boxes are gaining popularity due to their biodegradability. Packaging boxes made from Kraft paper are praiseworthy for their durability and practicality.

Designing a quality Kraft paper box requires professional expertise. Custom Boxes World UK is a premium printing company that has been serving the packaging needs of thousands of individuals and businesses across the globe. The commitment to provide excellent services has earned us an eminent identity in the niche.

High Tech Printing - Custom Boxes World UK is preferred due to its high tech digital and offset printing. Despite offering affordable market rates, we have never compromised on quality.

Faster turnaround time: We ensure that all print jobs are completed within the timeframes defined by our valued customers. On-time delivery is our top priority.

Free Shipping: We offer free shipping services throughout the US and Canada.

Looking for a unique Kraft box to pack your products? Custom Boxes World UK has numerous alluring options for you. Our free design services allow you to have various template design options for your Kraft boxes. Give your specs to our experienced graphics team and they'll give you exciting artwork preferences with no setup and die costs. Ecological printing: we use 100% recyclable materials in the printing of packaging boxes.

Customer Service Center: Custom Boxes World UK believes in making it easy for their customers in every way possible. Our 24/7 customer service center is staffed with qualified sales representatives to handle your custom Kraft box inquiries. Print perfectly with Custom Boxes World UK.


Custom Boxes World UK can provide you with different types of durable packaging solutions and Kraft Box Wholesale is one of them. They are tough enough to provide maximum protection for your products. These natural Kraft boxes are used for packaging a wide variety of products. They have also made their way into the food and beverage industry. This is because they are free of toxins, allergens, and bleaching agents, thus meeting food safety standards. To enhance the level of protection, you can design these Kraft paper boxes with inserts, handles, and various additional options to ensure safe delivery. Most companies are using recyclable boxes to minimize packaging waste. Kraft boxes are the most environmentally friendly boxes. Kraft paper box material that is obtained from pinewood pulp is used in the manufacture of different types of Kraft boxes. These boxes stand out for their solidity and permanence. The most popular categories of Kraft boxes include food, cosmetics, soap, gifts, and jewelry. Attractive customizations are available in the market to make them extravagant and attractive. Due to the flexibility of Kraft paper, the boxes can be modified to distinctive shapes and sizes. Letters and images can also be printed to make them stand out.


These brown Kraft boxes are very easy to personalize. Its natural color is brown; Through the use of high-tech printing technology, they can be designed in a variety of color combinations and patterns of your choice. Work on your size, shape, style, and other branding requirements to create a perfect package for your brand. This gives them a unique identity by giving them a more professional look. Personalized Kraft boxes are the best way to show your concern for the environment. They are reusable and recyclable; therefore, it helps to minimize waste to a great extent.

The cost-effectiveness and strength of Custom Boxes encourage retailers to use them for product storage. Dry foods are packaged in custom Kraft boxes due to their superior quality to resist heat, moisture, and shock. Shortcakes, brownies, and tarts get more tempting with fabulous Kraft boxes that feature ribbons, buttons, and bows. For a variety of gift items, boxes with bold textures are a perfect choice. Kraft cosmetics and soapboxes are stylish. They are ideal for wrapping aromatic and craft items. Handcrafted jewelry boxes are elegant and protect shiny rings, bracelets, and necklaces from fading.

If you've just started a business and packaging your products is proving to be a daunting endeavor; Kraft boxes are the best preference. They can be created in bulk by spending a smaller amount. Being biodegradable you can store many products in them without worrying about the quality. For delivering items over long distances, these boxes are very effective. Fragile items can also be wrapped in them, due to their ability to resist abrasion. Get creative and decorate your personalized Kraft pillow boxes with paper flowers and glittery laces.

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