How to Buy the Best Helmet Within Your Budget?

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Are you in the market looking for a brand-new helmet? Here is buy the best helmet for your budget.

How to Buy the Best Helmet Within Your Budget?

Are you in the market looking for a brand-new helmet? In today's market you can find a brand-new helmet from anywhere around Rs.800 to up to Rs.3000 (or more!) Depending on the bells and whistles and other features that you go for! How much you end up spending on the motorcycle helmet is completely subjective to the choices you make while purchasing the helmet. 

But the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that even the most affordable helmet will give you the same amount of safety against the dangers on the road as long as it is certified and carries all the property approval from road safety authorities in your country. In India always look for a helmet that has the ISI mark whereas if you are in Europe look for helmets that come with the ECE certification, or the DOT/Snell/Sharp certification if you are in the United States of America. 

 In this article, let’s find out how you can buy the premium riding safety gears within your budget. 

Understand How Much You Should Spend 

The most crucial step in purchasing a brand-new two-wheeler helmet within a budget is to understand how much you should be spending in the first place! For example, if you have a motorcycle that costs Rs.4lacs you cannot obviously purchase a helmet costing Rs.800 simply because of the fact that it will not complement the looks of your motorcycle. In that case, it becomes befitting to purchase a helmet costing at least of Rs.2000 or higher. But you definitely don't need to put yourself under the financial stress of spending a lot of money for the motorcycle helmet simply because it does not suit your motorcycle’s cost. There are very good options that you can find within your budget which will completely complement the motorcycle as well as your lifestyle.

Decide What Features You Need 

The cost of a modern motorcycle helmet is directly proportional to the amount of features that it provides and that simply means that the more features you opt for, the higher price you will have to pay for it. Take a moment to find out all the options that are available in modern motorcycle helmets and consider what you really need out of them. For example, nowadays motorcycle helmets come with bluetooth attachment for taking calls on the go but the question that you need to ask yourself is ‘do you really need that option’? Similarly, motorcycle helmets come with double visors, a sun visor specially for riding in bright sunny conditions, and a clear visor for riding and dark conditions. Do you really need a dual visor helmet? Also, there is something called a Pinlock® technology which prevents fogging while riding in cold and rainy conditions. If you don't reside in a tropical country or a very cold country, you probably do not need to spend extra money for getting a helmet with a Pinlock® visor.

Check Online Platforms For Deals 

Ecommerce platforms offer awesome deals and discounts for their members and that might be a great way to save some money on your helmet. Check out all the ecommerce platforms available to you in your country to find out the cheapest price on the same helmet and compare it with all the prices everywhere to find the best deal available to you. Instead of stepping right into a motorcycle accessory shop near you, first research the product online and learn about the price of the product so that you can bargain over the price of the helmet at the accessory shop.

Check Smaller E-commerce Websites 

In addition to online multi brand outlets such as Amazon and Flipkart you can also get great deals on a brand-new helmet from the manufacturer's website directly! Many manufacturers have started selling their products directly from their own online platforms and if that option is available to you always be sure to check it out first before purchasing a helmet elsewhere. There are a couple of advantages of doing that. First, you get a warranty directly from the manufacturer and second, when it comes to replacing the product later on for any reason, buying from the manufacturer’s website makes it easier for you to get the upgrade or replacement. 

Focus On Getting Value For Your Money  

Instead of focusing on getting the cheapest helmet, you should focus on getting the maximum value out of your investment. The simplest way of doing that is to purchase a helmet with the right certifications and with all the proper comfort and safety features that you expect out of it to keep yourself safe on the road. Don't suffer from the problem of brand loyalty because new brands in the market are coming up with amazing alternatives for existing products that you might have been using for several years now, so keep an open mind and checkout all the brands to find out the best deal you can get without compromising on the safety of the product. 

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