Similar DC and Marvel Superheroes (Green Arrow / Hawkeye)

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"You have failed this city" has become a tagline with which geeks and series fans laugh at the expense of Arrow , a series that is too suspiciously reminiscent of Batman.

Similar DC and Marvel Superheroes (Green Arrow / Hawkeye)

It is no coincidence, Green Arrow , the character on which it is based, has been known to be a copy of Batman with elements from the film The Green Archer, since its appearance in 1941.

Hawkeye , his Marvel counterpart, certainly doesn't have much to do with Green Arrow. Where Oliver Queen is a magnate who plays vigilante, Clint Barton, Hawkeye, is an ex-criminal who ended up being redeemed by Iron Man and trained by Captain America, after joining the second Avengers formation. Now, where Green Arrow only began to take flight since their joint series with Green Lantern in the 70s, Hawkeye has been one of the most popular and beloved Marvel characters, as well as one of those who have enjoyed a lot of influence in the last years.

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