Tips To Cook Steak Perfectly-Complete Recipe

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Are you a fan of steaks? Do you want to know how to make the best steaks yourself?

Tips To Cook Steak Perfectly-Complete Recipe

Are you a fan of steaks? Do you want to know how to make the best steaks yourself?

This article will guide you about everything that needs to be kept in mind for putting forth this mouth-watering dish called wagyu picanha steak.

You can now be confident about your trip to the butcher’s shop and also upskill your culinary techniques with the help of some tips.

Let’s not wait any further and simply dig into the tips needed to cook the perfect steak while simultaneously keeping an eye on the recipe.

Select The Rump Portion Of The Beef

The upper posterior part of the cow is your main ingredient for making this lip-smacking dish. Head to your butcher and ask for this portion of the wagyu beef when you decide to make the best steak.

Use A Charcoal Grill For Preparing Your Steak

You can ponder two options for preparing your steak-frying the beef on gas or laying them out on a charcoal grill. The usage of charcoal ensures that the meat is cooked correctly. It additionally infuses an additional flavor to your wagyu steaks.

Take The Beef Out Of Your Refrigerator Thirty Minutes before You Start Cooking

When you are moving ahead to make your meal, always make sure that the meat is taken out of the refrigerator well in advance. The steaks will be properly and evenly cooked if you pay attention to some minute details such as this.

Cut The Beef Into Even Strips

You have to take care of the fact that the beef is cut into pieces of more or less the same size. The pieces should be around 1.5 inches thick. Now you have covered another step to be rest assured that beef has been cooked thoroughly.

Sprinkle Salt Onto The Cut Pieces Of The Beef Two Hours Before Grilling

For wagyu picanha steak, the only seasoning required is salt; therefore, sprinkle a half teaspoon of salt two hours before putting the beef pieces on the grill. The steaks will turn out to be fantastic to taste. 

Cook Each Side OF The Steak For Two Mins After Preheating The Grill

Preheat the grill for ten minutes before starting the cooking of the beef.

The steaks need to be put on the grill, where they are flipped to be cooked. Each side is to be given just two minutes to cook, after which the lid is to be closed for cooking the steak for another two minutes. Turn off your charcoal grill.

Savor The Outcome

Just wait for an additional five minutes with the grill turned off after finishing the above-stated procedures. Then, enjoy your meals with your well-cooked meals. Once you devour Picanha Wagyu, it will top your list of specials. Fall in love with steaks again by trying out this recipe.