How can you detect a Secret Camera?

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You may want to consult with an expert electrical safety specialist who can provide you with the proper information on the wiring of your structure and to about your Secret Camera.

How can you detect a Secret Camera?

So you've purchased a couple of Secret Cameras. And now you're wondering, How do you detect a hidden camera? Hidden cameras aren't very conspicuous and are usually used in and around human dwellings and business establishments.


Most hidden cameras operate using radiofrequency. If you want to know how to detect a secret camera, you should first acquaint yourself with the different radiofrequency surveillance equipment types.


Radio Frequency


The majority of hidden cameras use the following types of radio frequency. These types of radio frequency equipment are also commonly referred to as bug zappers, camera lenses, or just "spies." Bug zappers are often disguised as common everyday items such as radios, smoke detectors, clocks, and even stuffed animals. They transmit a radio frequency that attracts insects towards the embedded camera lens.


Bug Zapper


If the bug zapper is attached to the outside of the building, this is one option. But if the bug zapper is located in a hidden area inside the building, the best place to conceal it is inside the door or window. You can purchase a bug detector that works with one or two separate channels.


To use your bug detector, you should first place it within range of the camera lens. Then activate the channel that is coded to show if it is attached to a bug zapper.


Secret Camera Lens


Another option is to use a secret camera lens. These cameras use infrared light to capture images. Instead of using radiofrequency of the light is sent through a lens on the hidden camera. These invisible camera lenses can be viewed using an ordinary telescope or binoculars. There are unique infrared cameras that have one lens that can be zoomed in or clicked.


How can you detect a spy camera that is hidden with a mirror?


This is a difficult option and often results in the camera lens being discovered when the flash of the lens is triggered. To avoid this, you should always work at angles away from the camera and its target. Also, make sure you never point the camera at yourself or others.


How can you detect a secret camera when it is disguised as a flower or plant?


Most hidden cameras are made from plastic. Some are so small you may not even notice them. You can use a magnifying glass or microscope to inspect any camera lens that looks odd. Look carefully at the petals or leaves around the lens.


How can you detect a spy camera if it is located in a location where no electrical outlets exist?


For these spy cameras, you may need an extra camera lens or tape. When looking for a hidden camera in a room or area with no outlets, you may need to work at different angles or tilt the video recorder so that it doesn't start up accidentally. Have someone hold the other end of the tape while you run the tape through the area you want to look at. This will give you a clear view of any potential electrical outlets.


How can you detect a spy camera hidden behind a wall in your office or at home?


These types of spy cameras are much more difficult to find because they are typically tiny. They often have a built-in transmitter that automatically triggers their video recording when an unsuspecting person walks within a specific camera range. Suppose you suspect that a camera such as this exists in your building.

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