Active Protection System Market Key Leaders Analysis, Segmentation, Growth, Future Trends, Demands, Emerging Technology by Regional Forecast to 2027

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The global active protection system market size is expected to reach USD 4.61 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.14% during the forecast period.

Active Protection System Market Key Leaders Analysis, Segmentation, Growth, Future Trends, Demands, Emerging Technology by Regional Forecast to 2027

The global active protection system market size is expected to reach USD 4.61 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.14% during the forecast period. The introduction of advanced countermeasure kit for armoured fighting vehicles will create lucrative opportunities for the active protection system market in the foreseeable future, states Fortune Business Insights, in a report, titled “Active Protection System Market Size, 2021-2028.” The market size stood at USD 2.81 billion in 2020.

The increasing utilization of missile countermeasure devices in battlefield operations will have a tremendous impact on the global market. The missile Countermeasure Device (MCD) is used in the battlefield operation to detect and warn about an imminent attack. The MCD system emits Infrared radiation (IR) signals to disrupt the tracking loop of Missiles. It is integrated with an advanced M6 countermeasure device that releases smoke and flares to divert the enemy's attention. The rising use of countermeasure kits and missile countermeasure devices by several armed forces will fuel the active protection system market growth.

The Report Lists the Key Companies in the Active Protection System Market:

  • Airbus S.A.S. (Netherlands)
  • Artis, LLC (The U.S.)
  • Aselsan A.S. (Turkey)
  • Israel Military Industries (Israel)
  • KBM (Russia)
  • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (Israel)
  • Raytheon Technologies Corporation (The U.S.)
  • Rheinmetall AG (Germany)
  • Saab AB (Sweden)
  • Safran (France)

Impact of Russia-Ukraine War Implication

The war crisis and sanctions have put a strain on global investment, trade, and economic activity. Therefore, skepticism and uncertainty remain prevalent regarding the conflict, its potential reach, and its longevity. Accordingly, the restoration of normal relations among partners could prove be a sign of improvement. There is hardly any sector that the war has left untouched, especially aggravating the business landscape of sectors ranging from aerospace to oil & gas. Amidst prevailing challenges, stakeholders are gearing to turn adversities into opportunities. However, soaring military aid for Ukraine could provide impetus to stakeholders. Meanwhile, it is to be noted that the relevant sanction could augment operating costs and disrupt industries.

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Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite by Rafael to Boost Market

Rafael, an Israeli defense technology company, presented its Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite (NGCV-S) at DX Defense & Security Expo Korea, taking place from November 18-21, 2020. As part of the ROK’s Tiger 4.0 program, Rafael’s suite for future combat vehicles. The NGCV-S offers integrated protection, lethality, situational awareness, and network for enhanced mission effectiveness even in GPS-denied scenarios. Rafael’s NGCV-S has an open, modular architecture, comprising of a 30/40mm automatic cannon with ABM capability, a launcher for SPIKE anti-tank multi-purpose guided missiles, advanced armor protection, including TROPHY, the world’s only operational active protection system, the Fire Weaver networked combat system with sophisticated autonomous capabilities that connects all types of sensors and shooters over any tactical radio in real-time, the Spike FireFly miniature, portable, BLOS close-combat reconnaissance and loitering munition, the BNet SDR communication system and more. The Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite (NGCV-S) introduction will expand the active protection system market share due to its robust data, voice & video services with multiple auto relays. Besides, Rafael will also exhibit its air defense systems, including the Drone Dome counter-drone system, already operational in a number of countries around the world, both in civilian in military applications.

RisingUsage of TROPHY Active Defense System to Stimulate Market

The growing utilization of the TROPHY active defense system will enable speedy expansion of the market. TROPHY ADS offers a combined hostile fire detection capacity. TROPHY ADS is a protective shield system that has several features such as threat detection, tracking & launching functionality, and intercept activity. The threat detection system can comprise missile detecting sensors and advanced flat-panel radars to deliver hemispherical coverage for the battle tank. For instance, the U.S. Army adopted the ADS system to protect the battle tank. Likewise, in January 2021, Leonardo and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. delivered a Trophy ADS for the U.S. Army. These APS systems are majorly installed on army’s main battle tanks. The U.S. Army has adopted this technology to protect the defense force’s main battle tanks against rockets and missiles.

High Demand for APS to Foster Growth in Europe

  • The market size in the North stood at USD 0.95 billion in 2020. The growth is attributed to prominent companies such as Artis, LLC and Raytheon Technologies Corporation.
  • Europe is expected to hold a significant share due to the growing demand for APS from the European Union's armed forces.
  • Asia Pacific is expected to grow massively due to the increasing procurement of the APS system in China and India