How Do You Drop Off Wash and Fold Laundry?

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It's important to know how you drop off, wash and fold laundry when you're done. You don't want to be running around, tripping, and having to chase around your wet clothes,

How Do You Drop Off Wash and Fold Laundry?

If you have ever dropped off Wash And Fold Laundry at your local laundromat, then you have experienced the drive-through-laundry experience firsthand. It is that familiar, tiring, frustrating moment when you get out of the car in the morning and realize you haven't put away your clothes yet. And then you realize that you haven't taken out the iron or ironing board either. It's not that it hasn't been a while since you took out the laundry, but it seems like it has taken forever. And then you stand in the doorway of the laundromat, trying to remember where you put the items that you forgot in the laundry last time.

Drive Through Laundry 

The drive through laundry place is really convenient. They are usually very clean, and have separate areas for folded and dry clothes. But there are some problems with this model of convenience. If you try to drop off laundry at the dryer, you have to wait for the dryer to arrive, and sometimes they don't show up. And if you have an extremely overloaded load to take out, you can be left waiting for ages before someone notices you.

And then there are the problems with the laundry area itself. How do you drop off laundry there? You've tried several methods: Leaving the dryer open, setting the dryer for an hour so that you can hang up the clothes, or having everyone else in the family work the dryer (making you run back and sit down again). It can be a real pain. The other problem is that the laundry area is where you will most likely get the dirt and grime from your clothing. This can also be inconvenient, because sometimes it can be dirty enough where your laundry will smell bad.


Laundry Cart

One way is to use a laundry cart. This is a piece of equipment that goes on rollers, with wheels, that you roll it around to put the laundry inside. They have telescoping poles that allow the carts to be pushed across the yard, and the ladders on the front extend down so you can pull it up or lay it down (as needed) in the direction that makes the least amount of mess. They're very convenient, but are also very expensive.

Another way is to use a mini laundry cart, sometimes called a walk-in laundry cart. This is not a rolling cart, as such, but rather it has a flat surface on which you can lay out your laundry. It rolls along on a track, and it's easy to move it from one place to another. The downside is that you will probably get quite a bit of dirt on it. In addition, if you have children, they might kick it, and it can be hard for you to clean it when they're done.

You may have a smaller machine at home, like a washer and dryer. There are mini versions of these, too, that you can roll around to put away your laundry. They're much easier to manage than the ones that go on rollers. However, it still pays to be careful, because you could get caught up in something and lose your balance, or worse--crash! When you need to know how do you drop off, wash and fold?

Laundry At Home 

If you have a high-efficiency washer and dryer at home, you can save some money by putting it on a pedestal, so that it will take up the least space possible. Then you can place it in a central place, like a back-up closet or basement, where it won't cause any clutter. If you have a compact washer/dryer, that's a great place to drop off the laundry as well. Just set it up and start using it! If you don't have a very efficient appliance, you may have to fold and then zip up the laundry, which is still an efficient way to do it.

It's important to know how you drop off, wash and fold laundry when you're done. You don't want to be running around, tripping, and having to chase around your wet clothes, or worse yet, letting them pile up in your closet. Be organized, and be careful! And if you do use a high-efficiency appliance, make sure that it's turned off before you start getting your laundry out. You don't want to be trying to figure out how to drop off, wash and fold laundry all over again!

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