Why Use Shoviv Imap backup and Restore tool?

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In short, a free Gmail backup service that lets you to migrate your Gmail or Google apps data to your gmail account. This is a simple way to backup your gmail account and migrate to your own local computer.

Why Use Shoviv Imap backup and Restore tool?

This Gmail Backup tool on windows allows you to make Gmail account backups. The Gmail backup process in this tool includes all folders, such as Inbox, Draft, Sent Items, and more. Of the account. To speed up the Gmail backup, it is necessary to have an internet connection that is fast enough.

NOTE: Enable \"Less Secure Apps\" and disable \"Two-Step Authentication\" before the process begins.

Backup Gmail Emails into Various Formats

This windows Gmail Backup tool allows users to archive Gmail to PST without Outlook. In addition, the program lets you export Gmail emails to other email clients using file formats like EML, MBOX, MSG, and PST. Following the backup, the files are accessible by email to clients that support them.

Gmail Back-up Tool available for Windows users

Fastly Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments to multiple file formats

Save All or selective folders

Gmail backup tool for windows lets users take backups of specific folders. This can save time making backups of unneeded folders that do not need to be there. To do this, you must uncheck or check the folders to backup.


Archives Gmail E-mails By Date

The Windows Gmail backup utility allows you to save all your emails from Gmail in various ways to export them within a certain time frame. Filtering by date helps download unnecessary emails from your Gmail account.

It is recommended to delete the downloaded data after download.

This program to backup Gmail attachments to emails allows users to delete email messages when the backup process is completed. This is an optional feature; therefore, you must activate the \"Delete After Download\" option. This feature is useful in expanding the storage space of Gmail when you save all messages to your system locally.

Backup Gmail Emails and Attachments with Attachments

Another great feature of the program is that it\'s advanced sufficient to allow the download of attachments well as emails. Since attachments are the primary component of large emails, this feature becomes crucial as attachments associated with them are also backed up to the system.

The Pause and Resume Download Process

It is a Windows Gmail backup software that allows you to pause and resume the downloading process when backing up emails. The software can automatically resume the backup process if the internet connection goes down during the process. To do this, you must give that account the login credentials.

Keeps a Progress Report on Backup

Once you\'ve successfully backed up your Gmail account data to the desired format for export, the Gmail backup program available for windows OS will allow you to create a report containing the complete backup details such as Source Path, Destination Path, and Mail Count Fail Count and more. In a PST file.

Incremental Backup of Recent Emails

Gmail Backup Software for windows is embedded with a feature that permits users to create backups of only newly received emails. Its Incremental Backup feature will export only the most recent files following the initial backup to prevent duplicated mistakes.

Numerous Naming Patterns are used to identify emails

When the data is transferred via the software, emails can be changed as required by the Naming Convention feature. There are various patterns, including Subject + Date From + Subject Date, etc., to avoid confusion.

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