How Much Does a BIPAP Machine Cost in Delhi?

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If you are looking for Bipap machine on rent in Delhi, But worried about price. Then you should know that the BIPAP machine cost in India vary from 25,000 to Rs. 1,80,000.

How Much Does a BIPAP Machine Cost in Delhi?

What is a Bipap machine?

When we breathe our lungs expand whereas respiratory is caused by diaphragm muscle that's chargeable for respiratory. During this method, the air pressure within the tubes and sacs of the lung gets born which sucks ventilated air into your lung.

There are some medical conditions within which the method of respiration isn't natural. A Bipap machine that may be a bi-level positive airway pressure is employed to counter this drawback. It's a kind of ventilator that helps with respiratory. Gone are the days when the patient must head to the hospital to urge through with these issues. No surgical procedure like insertion or tracheostomy is needed throughout Bipap medical care you'll avail the treatment pretty much in your home.

Chronic preventive pulmonary malady (COPD) is an umbrella term used for lung and metabolism issues caused by complicated lung or heart-related diseases that create respiratory toughness.


The price of a Bipap system might vary from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,80,000 roughly reckoning on the manufacturer, whether or not for hospital or home use and alternative factors. Or BiPAP machines typically value between $800 and $3,000. this can be considered beyond a comparable CPAP machine, as BiPAP machines have an additional complicated style with further sensors and settings. Or you can get BIPAP Machine for rent in Delhi.

How will the Bipap machine work?

If you're littered with COPD, you'll have expertise labored inhaling that one feels shortness of breath. If this condition gets worsened then you'll need the assistance of Bipap machines.

Bipap machines are work surface devices that are a kind of positive pressure ventilator fitted with a conduit and a mask. You simply got to wear the mask over your nose or mouth to urge air into your lungs. You receive two ways of pressure, one pressure level is delivered once you inhale, and another pressure is delivered once you exhale. Once you are sleeping your expertise additional resistance in respiratory because it altogether depends on your nervous system.

Bipap machines are “smart” machines that adapt to your metabolism patterns. It mechanically resets the extent of controlled air to assist you along with your respiratory pattern. It's typically used throughout the night to stay your airways open. It provides air into your airways once you take a breath and suspire.

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