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A body’s building components are its cells. It is acceptable to say that the human body is composed of billions of cells. These cells operate around the clock to ensure that one’s health remains optimum. However, exposure to contaminants, stress, and poor eating habits may inhibit proper cell function.

Most individuals rely on dietary supplements to restore cellular equilibrium. Eating a nutritious diet and controlling stress may help reduce damage at the cellular level. Mikra Reviews is to be taken orally. It promises to improve cell health, hence enhancing overall health.

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About CELLF Cellular Performance

For optimal function, cells must be repaired and renewed. Older and worn-out cells must be rapidly replaced. Experts warn that intake of bad foods, exposure to toxins, and stress are among the causes of overworked and dying cells.

CELLF is an oral solution for cellular performance that claims to promote cellular health. The principal cause of cell degeneration and death in healthy cells is oxidative stress.

What is Oxidative Stress?

According to experts, oxidative stress is an unfavorable condition brought on by an increase in free radicals, which compromises the health of cells. The body should be able to eliminate toxins and free radicals after metabolic activities. However, excessive free radicals cause cell death and damage by overworking the body. As a result, the immune system, metabolic rates, and general health are damaged, resulting in major health problems.

The vanilla taste of the formula makes it simple to swallow. In addition, CELLF liquid gel is produced utilizing liposomal technology to enhance absorption rates.

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What are the Features of Oxidative Stress?

When there is cell damage or an imbalance in the body or mind, there is oxidative stress. It has the potential to harm healthy cells. Oxidative stress may be produced by free radical damage to the body caused by an oxygen or blood deficiency. The most prevalent symptoms of oxidative stress are:


  • Poor sleep, insomnia, or other sleep problems
  • Chronic neck and backaches
  • The body has low quantities of energy
  • Brain fog syndrome
  • Poor mental attention and focus
  • Insufficient physical health
  • Other indications of oxidative stress include a weakened immune system, digestion, physique, memory, and liver function.


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Ingredients of CELLF Cellular

Mikra asserts that all of the components are in clinically effective quantities to improve cellular health. In addition, the cellular performance supplement is manufactured utilizing advanced technologies to ensure its bioavailability. Lactose, caffeine, fillers, eggs, soy, gluten, and GMOs are absent from CELLF. The firm discloses that CELLF contains Milk and tree nut butter allergies (almonds).

Fundamental ingredients and research include:


It is an active element in the majority of beauty products. Multiple clinical investigations demonstrate that glutathione may help maintain firm skin and protect cells from oxidative damage. Moreover, the component may prevent tissue damage and eliminate toxins, hence preserving healthy cells—additionally, glutathione functions as an anti-inflammatory, protecting the body from chronic inflammations.

Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10)

Mikra Reviews includes Ubiquinol to speed up mitochondrial activity. Consequently, the cells are able to produce more energy, enhancing overall performance.

Coenzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant that also assists in regulating hormones and may benefit in the treatment of heart-related disorders due to its ability to increase cellular energy generation and prevent cell damage.


CELLF contains Lactoferrin to prevent digestive enzymes and fluids from damaging its contents. CELLF, unlike comparable products, guarantees that all components are absorbed into the body without any risk of injury. Therefore, a daily dose of 10 ml is sufficient to maintain the health of the cells.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone increases metabolic rates, providing enough energy for cells. It increases the number of mitochondria in a cell in order to function. In addition, the substances boost cognitive functioning and strengthen neurons. It may also improve the quality of sleep and reduce the buildup of oxidative stress.

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Oxidative stress increases the likelihood of developing various health problems, such as chronic inflammation, low cognitive function, low energy levels, poor sleep quality, and poor physical recovery.

CELLF is intended to balance cellular health for physical and psychological well-being. It is promoted for persons with a sluggish metabolism, cognitive fog, and difficulty recovering from sickness. CELLF contains potent substances that improve cognitive functioning, increase vitality, and neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

Furthermore, CELLF by Mikra contains the essential nutrients to forestall premature aging. According to the formulator, the formula’s components, such as glutathione, protect cells from detrimental environmental variables such as stress, nutrition, and overtraining.

CELLF also increases the body’s metabolic rate, resulting in increased energy levels. Consequently, the cellular performance formula may reduce brain fog and enhance performance. In addition to enhancing Neurofunctions, CELLF protects neurons.

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CELLF Benefits

Energy Generation

CELLF contains the necessary ingredients to raise metabolic rates and energy levels. In addition, the substance raises the number of mitochondria, guaranteeing that the system has sufficient energy for long periods of time.

Slows Aging

CELLF may promote the health of skin cells, hence preventing wrinkles and skin drooping. Similarly, the nutrients prevent premature aging by making the skin firm, hydrated, and radiant.

Promotes Hair and Nail Health

CELLF contains glutathione, which helps improve hair and nail health. It functions by avoiding cracking and brittleness.

Supports Blood Circulation

The manufacturer of CELLF claims that it Mikra Reviews may improve blood circulation, guaranteeing that cells get enough nutrients properly.

Boosts Recuperation

CELLF is an antioxidant that might hasten recuperation after intensive exercising or diseases.

Enhance Immunity

CELLF augments the number of white blood cells in the body, hence enhancing the immunological response.

Adverse Effects

The manufacturer of CELLF claims that customers have no adverse effects after ingesting the oral preparation. However, if they are intolerant, they may have minimal side effects. Additionally, the company suggests seeing a physician before using the supplement if people are already taking medication.


Each CELLF package has 30 sachets, sufficient for one month of usage. For best health, the creator advises the daily use of 10ml of the cellular performance booster. CELLF is vanilla-flavored and has no added sugars. Therefore, users may dissolve the supplement sublingually or in a smoothie or water.

Pricing and Returns Policy

CELLF is exclusive to the main website. Buyers may save money by purchasing a month’s supply or subscribing to a monthly auto-ship program. However, according to the developer, they may opt out of the program at any time.


  • Unique Purchase $98.00 / 30 Servings
  • Individual Subscription $88.00 / Monthly Delivery / 30 Servings
  • One-Year Subscription $248.00 / Monthly Delivery / 90 Servings


Mikra Reviews supplies CELLF to any location in the United States, and consumers may expect delivery in less than five working days.

The firm provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for unhappy consumers and requests that they contact them to acquire a return shipping label.

Mikra Reviews CELLF may be reached by email at [email protected].


How Can CELLF Assist Me?

CELLF by Mikra Reviews promotes a cellular increase in energy and concentration, a boost in cognition and memory recall, and a decrease in chronic inflammation at its source.

When Should I Anticipate Feeling the Benefits of CELLF?

CELLF is predicated on consistency. Depending on the status of the cells, many individuals see effects within 24 to 48 hours. Others may not realize it’s working unless they consciously consider it. As long as people maintain their regular consumption, these bioactive substances are boosting and fortifying the cells to improve health.

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Does CELLF Contain Any Allergens?

CELLF includes almond tree nut butter and dairy products. CELLF is nonetheless non-GMO, egg, corn, gluten, and cruelty-free.

Why is CELLF not Manufactured in a Capsule?

The mix of Lactoferrin and the liposomal barrier offers impregnable protection to get this product through the digestive tract intact and sent straight to the jejunum (mid-small intestine), where it is distributed to the blood plasma and cells. Currently, the selected form factor is optimal for this technology.

Where is It Manufactured?

CELLF by Mikra Reviews is manufactured in California.

How is Being Manufactured in an Oxygen-depleted Environment Beneficial?

Being locally produced in an oxygen-free atmosphere ensures the greatest efficiency of components, giving users a powerful, effective mix.

About the Business

Mikra Reviews is a biological sciences and consumer wellness startup with an aim to extend people’s healthspan by concentrating on the cell. The human body is composed of around 37 trillion cells that vary in size, shape, function, and lifetime. These cells are responsible for energy, pleasure, capability for healing, and much more. Mikra Reviews is investigating the relationship between cellular alterations and their potential ripple effects on health.

Conclusion: CELLF

Mikra Reviews CELLF contains genuine substances to fortify cells. Antioxidants in the nutritional supplement combat free radicals, therefore protecting the cells. Therefore, it is perfect for those with poor energy, persistent brain fog, inflammations, and other health difficulties.


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