What is The Best Time for Online Giving

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When is the best time to online giving? Humanity needs help, and help is never bound by seconds, minutes, or hours. Read on to find more!

What is The Best Time for Online Giving

Among the many lessons humanity learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, one was that humans must join hands together to help each other in a time of crisis through online giving. When governments were buckling under pressure, trust organizations and NGOs all across the globe were sharing the state's burden. During those troublesome times, no one asked if it was the right time to donate money or not. One cannot help but feel that this approach is very much needed to bring about a miraculous change in the lives of people suffering from burdens of different nature.

The Valued Discussion 

This discussion will look at some of the most popular times in a charity calendar when the spirit of generosity stuns everyone. Of course, it doesn't mean that the concept should only be limited to these few occasions just because charity is flourishing in these particular times. Rather, the purpose of this discussion is to encourage more and more people to join and contribute to the welfare of the disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Charity Without Clock!

We know and understand that the reason behind asking the question about the best time to donate online stems primarily from trust and tax issues. But we can also assure you that the modern-day concept of charity it's very different from what it used to be a couple of decades ago. Today, charity is collected and disbursed 24 X 7, 365 days a year. Of course, it has a lot to do with the fact that humanity has suffered from a crisis of unimaginable nature in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the biggest stimulants for boosting charitable donations in the last few years, and the conflicts that have emerged in the last few months on different borders in the world are not depicting a great picture either. Hence, good work needs to be done round the clock, so those who need help are given help in time. What once used to be a concept that found more traction in the times of festivities has now become a lifeline for millions of families worldwide. Hence, it is fair to say that charity around the clock has become a practical reality today.

Charity Months

Despite charities collecting money around the year, there are certain months during which the spirit of generosity flourishes even more if possible. Here, we are talking about festive months like Ramadan, Christmas, Dhul Hijjah, Thanksgiving, and other religious periods. The reason why charity flourishes particularly during these months it's because people want to maximize the spiritual benefits of giving donations. Helping a fellow human being is a common virtue among all religions. No wonder charitable collections peak during times like these. Different charities and charitable institutes take full advantage of these months and run campaigns built on these themes. Take the example of the concept of zakat. Muslims can donate it all around the ear, but most Muslims do it during the holy month of Ramadan. Many trust organizations and charitable institutions run specific zakat-centered campaigns during Ramadan.

Best Time for Online Giving

This brings us to our next question: the best time for online giving. Thanks to the Internet and the digitalization of every little concept, idea, and service, the limitations of time and space have been broadened to a certain extent. As far online charity is concerned, whether you are talking about online giving in the US, Canada, UK, or any other part of the world, you can do it without any hassles whatsoever. Of course, if you want to donate on a religious theme, it's better to wait for the holy month you intend to donate. Otherwise, humanity needs help, and help is never bound by seconds, minutes, or hours.

Selecting the Best Platforms 

Just because you can donate at any time from anywhere in the world doesn't mean that you shouldn’t perform due diligence. It is extremely important to ensure that the money that you are donating is going to make an impact on someone's life eventually. Today, charities all around the world allow you to track your donation and keep you updated on the progress of the campaign you funded. Hence, when you opt for online giving, it is extremely important to ensure that the organization receiving your money displays 100% transparency in its operations. The credibility of a charitable institution is as important as your donation. Spending a few hours researching the charity organization you intend to donate to is an act. Transparent Hands is one such organization that ensures one hundred percent transparency in all of its affairs.

Final Thoughts

Well, folks, that would be all from this discussion. After reading this brief, we hope your knowledge of the online charity platforms has increased considerably. Remember, several online platforms are raising money for underprivileged communities worldwide. It is extremely important to ensure that your hard-earned money is directed towards the welfare of the disadvantaged community only. Once you are satisfied that your chosen platform is trustworthy, you can donate as much as possible. For some of us, charity is a seasonal thing, but for the rest of the world, your donations it's always welcome at any time of the year. So do not let the time constraints become a hurdle in providing help that many desperately seek. 

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