Fix the error Payroll setup information for the following account couldn't be saved

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Are you getting QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107 while updating QuickBooks Payroll? If yes, this article is for you.

Fix the error Payroll setup information for the following account couldn't be saved

QuickBooks simplifies accounting-related tasks and saves your hard work by managing all business-related activities. This software has been utilized by lots of business owners and accountants across the globe. Today, we are here to talk about QuickBooks-related errors that can appear at any time on the screen. Just like other software, QuickBooks also displays various technical bugs and error codes that may prevent you from accessing the QuickBooks desktop. 

QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107 is one of the common issues that can appear while updating QB payroll. Or, you may face the same issue at the time of sending payroll data when the multi-user mode is turned on in QuickBooks. Let’s start learning the causes behind the error from the following post. 

What might be leading to QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107?

Below, all the possible causes for QuickBooks error code 2107 have been listed. You should look into the following list. 

Because of having an invalid security certificate, you may get QuickBooks payroll error 217. 

While sending the payroll data in multi-user mode, QuickBooks error 2107 may appear. 

An unstable internet connection can also be a reason behind the same issue. 

Due to a network time-out, you may get an error message. 

Incorrect settings of system date and time could also lead to the error code 2107. 

Because of using an older version of the QuickBooks application. 

Ways to get rid of QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

Here are all the relevant methods that can be applied to fix QuickBooks error code 2107. 

Method 1: Remove the temporary files in Internet Explorer

The initial step is to click Internet Explorer and then select Tools.

After that, you need to choose Internet Options from the General tab.

Next, click Delete from the browsing history section. 

Ensure that you have marked the temporary internet files and website files. 

Finally, choose the Ok tab. 

Method 2: Flush the DNS 

First of all, launch the Run window by choosing the Windows + R keys altogether.

After that, enter the CMD command in the search box.

Now, type ipconfig/ flushdns

At last, click on the Enter key. 

Method 3: Repair Windows Registry Manually 

Initially, you need to choose the Start option.

And then, click on the Start option and look for the command in the search box. 

Next, press and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys. 

A permission dialog box will appear on the screen where you need to choose the Enter key.

After that, you will get a blinking blank cursor on the screen. 

Type Regedit and then choose the enter key. 

Again, open the registry editor and select the error 2107. 

Click on the Export option from the file menu. 

After choosing the folder, you need to choose the Save in option. 

Finally, ensure that the files have been saved with a .reg file domain. 

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Concluding the Post!

In the end, we ensure that QuickBooks payroll error 2107 has been rectified via applying one of the aforementioned solutions. Well, there might be chances of getting stuck in issues while dealing with the same issue.

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