How long does it take to get the results of a COVID-19 Rapid Test?

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Even though the test results of the rapid COVID-19 rapid test may take a few days to reach your doctor, it is highly accurate.

How long does it take to get the results of a COVID-19 Rapid Test?

COVID-19 Rapid Test


When you take a COVID-19 rapid test, you will receive the results in 15 minutes or less. This type of test is not widely available, but some pharmacies provide this service. The procedure is similar to pregnancy testing, and you will be required to spit into a tube and cough to collect a sample of mucus. Afterward, the healthcare professional will seal the sample in a sterile container and send it to the laboratory. Usually, the sample arrives at the lab within 72 hours.

Types of COVID-19 Tests

There are two types of COVID-19 tests: PCR and rapid COVID-19 Rapid Tests. While the latter is more accurate, the former requires the patient to provide their blood. PCR tests, which use DNA from swabs taken from the throat or nose, take longer to produce results. Depending on the laboratory, your results can take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the location and type of test. You should call the lab to get a status update during this time. The results of the test are usually available within 15 minutes.

Place in which PCR Tests are Performed

PCR tests are performed in a laboratory, which uses real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to detect viral genetic material. The test results are ready in one to two business days, but you may need to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor. It is not possible to guarantee your results in time for travel, so you must plan accordingly.

Rapid Test turnout time Dependency

The turnaround time of the COVID-19 rapid test depends on the type of COVID-19 rapid test and the clinic you visit. Some labs experience backlogs and may not have your results in time for your trip. In most cases, you will be notified via email, mail, or phone, and a follow-up diagnostic test may be necessary to confirm the result.

Usually, COVID-19 results take about one week to arrive. Depending on the type of test you have, the test results can be obtained in as little as one hour. However, in some cases, the results of the COVID-19 rapid test may be delayed, and your health care provider may want to repeat the test to confirm that you have the virus.

When you get the results of a COVID19 rapid test, the test will take between fifteen and thirty minutes. Your healthcare provider will likely perform a second test to confirm the positive test during that time.

In many cases, the results of a COVID-19 rapid test will take a few hours to reach you. If you have previously been exposed to the virus, you will have produced antibodies against it, which indicates that you have had previous exposure to the infection. This means you are immune to future infections of COVID-19. CDC recommends universal precautions and social distending. A follow-up PCR test will show whether you have the disease if you have positive blood work.

Results of Covid-19 Rapid Tests

The results of a COVID-19 rapid test will be available within one to two days. Some testing facilities have a limited supply of the COVID-19 virus, which can affect the patient's ability to receive an accurate diagnosis. As a result, you will need to pay a fee if you wish to get the results of a rapid COVID-19 antibody test.

When a COVID-19 rapid test is administered, the results will be returned to you in a few days or weeks. The time taken to receive a COVID-19 result is dependent on the time it takes for the sample to be processed at the lab. The samples are collected and sent to the laboratory during the testing process. If the results are positive, you will receive your COVID-19 results by mail or email. If it is negative, you may need to undergo a follow-up diagnostic test to ensure accuracy.

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