DVD 1991: Son Of The Morning Star: TV Mini Series

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DVD 1991: Son Of The Morning Star: TV Mini Series

DVD 1991: Son Of The Morning Star: TV Mini Series

 Gary Cole in the role of General Custer

The largest force of Indians in American history fought George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry on the 25th of June 1876. It tells the story of the Last Stand and the men who fought it, both white and Indian. American myth and folklore have immortalized Custer, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse. A stunning retold story from both the Indians' and US Cavalry's points of view. 'Son of the Morning Star' tells the story of the rise and fall of a ruthless hero, a man whose love, hate, and brutal leadership mingles with his bloody determination to erase an entire tribe from the face of the earth. 

Many films have been made about Little Big Horn and the events leading up to it. This is the most accurate and most popular version.

The son of the Morning Star


Information and synopsis about the DVD:

George Custer (played brilliantly by George Cole) and Crazy Horse and the events leading up to the battle of the Little Bighorn, told through the eyes of two women. In this sweeping TV miniseries based on Evan S. O'Connell's novel, Gary Cole stars as George Armstrong Custer, who led the 7th U.S. cavalry on the Great Plains during the early 1870s, when the nation was still forming.

General Custer's efforts were directed at maintaining peace with the indigenous Native Americans. Because of his own arrogance and miscalculations, Custer seemed doomed to failure. In the wake of the white man's greed and broken treaties, the Indians reluctantly marshal themselves for war. Toward the end of the story, there is a spectacular and reasonably accurate recreation of the Battle of the Little Big Horn that pits General Custer against the immortal Chief Crazy Horse (Rodney Grant). Buffy St. Marie narrates Son of the Morning Star marvelously as an older American woman character. There is a smooth feeling to this mini-series, and it moves along at a good pace for a TV movie. Early American history buffs and all who love great TV movies will enjoy Son Of The Morning Star.


DVD of Son Of The Morning Star is a fascinating TV miniseries about General Custer. Gary Cole performs in the superb TV mini series son of morning star dvd with Rosanna Arquette. This is a great period epic with a real feel to it. This role is reportedly one of Cole's favorites, and he is nothing short of magnificent. The classic TV miniseries about General Custer, Son Of The Morning Star DVD, stars Gary Cole and Rosanna Arquette.

DVD: Son Of The Morning Star

The DVD of Son Of The Morning Star remains one of the best TV miniseries. In Son Of The Morning Star DVD, Gary Cole and Rosanna Arquette give award-winning performances. It is an incredible western epic and saga that represents the best in Made For TV Series. One of the greatest miniseries from the 90s is Son Of The Morning Star. A fascinating look at early America and General Custer is revealed in Son Of The Morning Star. This is an incredible TV miniseries that covers a delicate subject of Native American conflict with American colonialism, the US Army and General Custer.

DVD copy of Son Of The Morning Star 1991

           This made-for-TV miniseries event is amazing. The series is based on the real life story of General Custer and his unsuccessful campaign and continues to be an excellent western mini series.

DVD: Son Of The Morning Star

           From the early 90s, this made for TV miniseries event is one of the best. It is a fantastic big budget miniseries that tells the difficult story of American colonialism and the army general George Custer. Watching this series again and again is easy.


Actors: Gary Cole, Rosanna Arquette, Stanley Anderson, Edward Blatchford, George Dickerson

Directors: Mike Robe

Writers: Evan S. Connell, Melissa Mathison

Producers: Benjamin A. Weissman, Cyrus Yavneh, Preston Fischer, Thom Mount

Format: Dolby 2.0, Color, NTSC (north American) - no menus or subtitles

Rated: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Number of discs: 2

Studio: Lions Gate

Run Time: 187 minutes



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