Lady Gaga in Italian mode, Disney visiting Colombia and a new assault on La casa de papel

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Lady Gaga in Italian mode, Disney visiting Colombia and a new assault on La casa de papel

Lady Gaga in Italian mode, Disney visiting Colombia and a new assault on La casa de papel

The film premieres this week are very varied, from Ridley Scott's latest film a Encanto, The Dog That Won't Shut Up, The Nest, Assault on the Mint and Carajito

As of today, six new films are added to the movie billboardwhich, as is customary in the last months of the year, begins to receive some of the films that could be part of the awards season and that arrive with the recognition achieved in the most prominent international film festivals. Among them, the latest exaggerated and entertaining work by Ridley Scott with Lady Gaga, Ana Katz's risky narrative bet and Disney's new animation proposal with a Latin soul.Next, what the critics of LA NACION said about this week's premieres.

The Gucci house

Prolific and seemingly tireless, a few days after his 84th birthday, Ridley Scott once again demonstrates his ability for cinema encanto full of great stories and unforgettable characters, inflamed passions and narratives on the verge of parody that in the hands of another director would fall into ridicule . Also thanks to the eagerness that Lady Gaga puts in her acting career - and in getting the Oscar that she did not achieve with A Star Is Born -,the history of the Gucci family, as Paula Vázquez Prieto writes in his criticism "could not be more enjoyable,as casual as the mainstream allows , with Al Pacino gesturing like Michael in the embrace of Fredo from The Godfather II , with Jared Leto dancing with his plastic bald head and imposing pouts. Scott shakes off the demands of real history, transcends it by making his creatures aware of their condition as puppets of destiny, showing their greatest miseries as the necessary echo of their previous greatness ”.

The dog that does not shut up

The sixth film by Ana Katz , who is currently participating in the Latin American section of the Mar del Plata Film Festival, previously selected in the official competition of the Sundance festival held in January and winner of the Big Screen award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, cIt tells in stark black and white the story of Sebastián (Daniel Katz), a sensitive man in crisis. With a creative search that differentiates it from the other feature films of the film's director and actress, in his review of the film Alejandro Lingenti highlights Katz's ability to “oblique humor, that which is born from apathy or from some ridiculous drifts of the daily life, the one that provokes uncomfortable laughter because it can immediately question and identify any survivor of the national middle class ”.


Featuring songs by the multi-award winning and talented Lin-Manuel Miranda who just made his film directorial debut with Tick, Tick ... Boom! (available on Netflix) and the mastery of animators from Disney studios,This film celebrates, with fantastic flashes, Colombian traditions and culture through the Madrigal family and especially of the young Maribel who, unlike all her relatives, seems not to have inherited the powers that were granted to her ancestors. As Marcelo Stiletano points out in his criticism “the 60th animated feature film in the history of Disney studios, immediately enters through the eyes. The exuberance of the images, the colors and the vitality of the characters give an almost irresistible visual framework to a story that idealizes the life of a small town nestled in the fertile mountainous region of Colombia ”.

Mint assault

Directed by Catalan Jaume Balagueró, renowned director of horror films such as Rec and While you sleep , this thriller adds to the tradition of robbery films witha cast led by Liam Cunningham ( Game of Thrones ) and Freddie Highmore ( The Good Doctor )and a loot that will sound familiar to many. Is that the plot involves the assault on the vault of the Bank of Spain, the same objective of the Professor and his family in La casa de papel . Of course, here, as detailed in Guillermo Courau's criticism , the idea of ​​the thieves is “to use the local performance in the South African World Cup as a distraction (the action takes place in 2010), so the theft must be completed within the 90 minutes for the final match between Spain and the Netherlands. From there everything you can expect from an Ocean's Eleven movie It is: the changes of plans, the unease over a key problem that is solved by chance, the different personalities of the team that end up colliding, the hysteria with the only girl in the group and a security chief who never laughs (the Spanish José Coronado) as an antagonist ”.


Directed by Silvina Schnicer and Ulises Porra, this Argentine-Dominican co-production portrays the bond between the adolescent Sara and Yarisa, her nanny since childhood. Premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival, where it received a special mention from the jury and part of the official Latin American competition of the current Mar del Plata film festival, the film, as Pablo De Vita points out, is aboutan “intimate drama that the directors handle with great subtlety and sensitivity hand in hand with sequences of great visual virtuosity in a story marked by tragedy, guilt and the difficult Latin American path of responsibility ”.

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The nest

A teenager prostrate and isolated from the world in the custody of his mother, the arrival of a young employee who finally helps the boy to question his existence and the mystery that surrounds that confinementthey build the initial premise of this film that tries to surprise with some unexpected twists that do not end up being so. According to Hernán Ferreiros in his review : “This Italian film, which divides its debts between the horror titles of Mario Bava and The Village , by M. Night Shyamalan, develops slowly. There are no jump scares or monstrous images (except for a brief nightmare) to which the current North American terror accustomed us, but instead it is committed to creating a gloomy climate sustained by intrigue ”.

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