Things to do to make your student accommodation feel like home

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Here, we can guide u how to choose your best and right accommodation near your university and in Lancaster.

Things to do to make your student accommodation feel like home

Irrespective of how glorious freedom might seem after the big move abroad, home is the place where anyone feels most comfortable. This is probably why any students add photo frames and other silly items to the new accommodation to feel like home. To feel the warmth of home, here are a few things you can do:

Choose the right type of accommodation: A few factors will come into play before you decide on the most suitable accommodation for you. Do you prefer your own space, then you should go with a studio.

If you like to live with other people, then shared accommodation is an ideal choice. When looking for an option consider budget, location as well as proximity to public transport.

Add a personal touch to the space: Integrating personal touches can be something as simple as putting up pictures of loved ones in your room. This will make your room homely and help you feel close to your loved ones. Notice boards are also an amazing addition to any student's home. You can create a customized display to make your room look ten times better. Adding pin pictures, tickets,wristbands,leaflets, and anything else you gather during your time as a student.

Take time to socialize: It is essential to socialize during your time as a student. The best way to feel at home is to make strong connections in the new environment. Go to the student night party, meet a friend from down the hall or enjoy a coffee at the local café. Spending time with people from your house can help you enjoy the most.

Invite friends to your home: You can make your space more welcoming by inviting your friends to your home. Organize a menu and a popcorn night or you can host a potluck dinner evening where everyone brings a dish of their own. Making the student accommodation an inviting space for friends will help you love your space even more. Talking to people and sharing their experiences and culture from back home can help people understand each other and connect more.

Stay connected online: While you are living away from your family, it is important to stay in touch with them. Get into a habit of catching up with your parents, siblings, or old friends to ensure you are happy and mentally stable. Whether you choose Skype or Facetime, those familiar faces always bring a smile to your face.

Light up your space: To lift any space, it is important to light it up. Adding some fairy lights to your room can bring a drastic change. You can add a light strip around the bed to add an extra vibe. What can be better than a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and interesting lighting in Lancaster?

Become a plant parent: Adding greenery to the living space is another way to enhance the look of your home. Not only do plants look fantastic but they also improve the air quality of the home. Most of the supermarkets in Lancaster sell plant.

Decorate your home for the seasons: As an international student, you can have an opportunity to bring the accommodation to life through the celebrations of different kinds of festivals. There are different parties organized in the student accommodation Lancaster for different holidays such as Christmas,New Year, Halloween, and other festivals. You can even set up your party. Take the time to celebrate holidays with the new student's family. Sharing your culture and experience from back home can help you enjoy different festivals easily.

Rearrange the layout: You can always bring the change in the room by rearranging the layout as per your preference. A little change can add up to the decoration of the room. You can always add some mirrors or hang something interesting to bring a change without spending a lot of money.

The best accommodation in Lancaster

Lancaster is a beautiful place and to call it home, you need the right accommodation. Below is a list of some of the best accommodations with a wide range of facilities. You can choose from the list and ensure you have the most amazing time.

1. Victoria Court Lancaster
2. Penny Street
3. Foundry Studios
4. Silk Mill
5. Marton Street

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