10 Types of Cricket Fans We've All Seen

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10 Types of Cricket Fans We've All Seen

10 Types of Cricket Fans We've All Seen

The cricket snobs

 These kinds do not like to follow the one day matches. They like Test Cricket, which they consider serious play. They are the official cricket snobs.

The know-it-alls

Among all the passionate cricket fans, there's got to be this one who knows every detail about every match. Who won which match? Who got out with how many runs? 

The optimist

 "Ye match toh India hi jeetega." This is their favorite dialogue no matter how horribly the team has been performing. 

The unenthusiastic

These ones are there just for the company and do not care a bit about the game.

 India-Pakistan only fans

These sets of fans are only concerned about India beating Pakistan as if it’s the cricket match that is going to decide the fate of Kashmir.

 The Extremists

These are the kind of fans that overreact on every situation,

The T20 fan

This is the fan that cannot watch an over of Test cricket.

The blame gamers

These are the fans that put the blame on anything apart from the fact that the team didn’t do well.

The non-stop commentator

You've got to have that one friend whose constant commentary on the status of the match will drive you nuts.

The fortune teller

 This one's going to be on a roll predicting every move of every person on the field and when something actually happens the way they said it would, they have the mandatory dialogue, “Dekha, kaha than na”.


Sonali Sachdeva

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