World of Warcraft Enchanting Guide 1-375

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This guide is only for recipes that require the use of components through disenchanting.

World of Warcraft Enchanting Guide 1-375

This guide will assist you to increase your enchanting skills from 0 to 300 and then the level of 375. This guide only uses recipes that can be obtained from a vendor until 265 or from a trainer before 265 respectively.

This guide is only for recipes that require the use of components through disenchanting. Because they are hard to come by, shards must be kept out of the recipe.

This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipe's from quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up to you.

This guide is designed for those who wish to change professions at a higher level or have friends, guild members, or alts who are at high levels. This guide is not designed to be a 1-to-60-leveling guide. This guide is intended to be a reference that will help improve your game's enchanting. Joana's Classic WoW Leveling Guides are the best.

You will need lots of essences, dust, and some fragments. Create two storage characters. Level one of each storage character from to 5, so that she is able to become an enchanter. You can also provide green items to deceive. Send green items to a different storage character. Because disenchanting can also earn points for skill, these green items will be used later to de-enchant. Use the in-game mail system to mail everything to the storage characters. You can also send gold to storage characters so that they will be able to return it.

Naturally, you'll want to determine at what point the green item is able to provide what.

Dust and Essence:

Generally the dust is made up of armor, and the substance is from weapons, but it can be any other thing.

Level 01-10: A little strange dust/lesser magic essence.

Level 11-15: Much strange dust/greater magic essence.

Level 16-20: Much strange dust/lesser astral essence.

Level 21-25: Little soul dust/greater astral essence.

Level 26-30: Much mystic dust/lesser soul.

Level 31-35: Little vision dust/greater mystic essence.

Level 36-40: Much vision dust/lesser nether essence.

Level 41-45: Little dream dust/greater nether essence.

Level 46-50: Much dream dust/lesser eternal essence.

Level 51-55: Little illusion dust/greater eternal essence.

Level 56-60: Much illusion dust/greater eternal essence.


Shards can be made from blue or purple items However, they are not recommended.

Level 01-20: A tiny shimmering.

Level 21-25: Large glimmering.

Level 26-30: Tiny glowing.

Level 31-35: Large glowing.

Level 36-40 Small radiant.

Level 41-45: Large radiant.

Small brilliant Level 46

Level 51-60: Large bright.

After you have all the items collected, everything must be sent back to the main character. The mailbox shows only the first 50 items in your mailbox. The mailbox also places the last item that is sent to you at the at the top. To avoid any problems, send the components that you require first. The green items that you have to de-enchant should be first sent. This happens after the mysterious dust and magic essences that are before the rest of the dusts.

A teacher will show you how to create an recipe. It will cost you gold. The quantity of gold required is aproximately 20 to 25 gold when you get rid of the dust, essences and shards. Expect to pay upwards of 1000 gold if you wish to purchase everything at auction (including the arcanerod). This doesn't include gold for recipes from vendors or auction houses.

To enchant something requires runed rods, like the runed silver rod. To make those runed rods you need normal rods. For example; to make a runed rod of silver, you require the silver rod. The rods needed are such as copper rod, silver rod, golden rod truesilver rod and arcanite rod. Vendors sell the copper rod, while blacksmiths make the rest. Find a blacksmith who can create the rods or go to the auction houses and purchase the rods. The arcanite rod is expensive. Making a runed arcanite rod is too costly. Since it is not needed in this guide and is only needed for highlevel enchants, you may want to postpone getting one if you're strapped for gold.

This is a condensed version Ithilian's Enchanting guide.

In my previous post, I said that you need runed rods to attract something. Runed copper rods are the initial rod you need. Make a runed copper rod to gain your first skill point.

Disenchanting items will get you one skill point. You can send the green items that you stored on a storage character to your main character and disenchant them..

To reach skill 50 Disenchanting a bracer using small healing can be an alternative. You can enchant the same bracer repeatedly. A nagging window will appear every time, asking if you're certain to overwrite the enchant you have already applied. Make sure to click yes to confirm.

When you reach 50, you should talk to the trainer that is appropriate to be a Journeyman Enchanter. You must be at the Level 10 before you can become a Journeyman Enchanter.

Then enchant the bracer with minor health to get up to 75. Then, enchant the bracer using slight deflection until you reach 85.

If you get to 100, you can enchant a bracer using minor stamina.

At 100, you can create an unruned silver rod which you'll need later, so make one now and earn the skill point.

You can enchant the bracer by using a lesser amount of stamina to reach the level of 105, or even a bracer that is not agile enough to reach 120, or a shield that has little stamina and in the range of 125.

Speak to the trainer when you've reached 125 in order to be an Expert Enchanter. To become an Expert Enchanter, you need to be at or near the level 20.

This table shows the different methods used to go from 50 to 125.

The shield should be chanted with less stamina to 130. In order to get to 150, you could make a bracer enchant with less stamina.

It is possible to make a runed gold rod at 150, which you'll require in the future. Therefore, make one today to gain one skill point.

Use a bracer that has less stamina to reach 160. In order to reach 160, you could enhance a shield or a pair of boots with less stamina or agility. Enchant a bracer with spirit to get to the 185 mark and a bracer that has power to reach 200.

You can be an artisan-enchanter when you've reached 200, but it is better to get to 225 before you go. The artisan-enchanter trainer can be found within an instance. This will be discussed in the next chapter. To become an Artisan Enchanter, you must have at least 35 levels.

You can create a truesilver runed rod with a price of 200. This is the rod you'll require in the future so buy one today to earn a skill point.

To increase your strength, you can enchant your bracer to get to 205. A cloak that is more durable will take you to 215.

To reach the 225th level, you need to become an artisan enchanter. Uldaman is the master enchanter who instructs an art of magic. The highest level of recipe she teaches requires 250 skill which is why you need to bring enough material for 250.

The following table lists the elements required to go between 225 and 250, so bring these with you in your journey to master enchanter to Uldaman. The runed truesilverrod that was made earlier is also needed. To be able to enchant, you'll require bracers, gloves and a chest accessory. These items are most likely to be worn, so it won't be a problem.

Talk to the trainer once you have reached her. She will help you become an artist enchanter. Once you are an artisan enchanter, enchant gloves with agility and reach the number of 235. An item for the chest with higher health will take you to 245. A bracer with more force will bring you to 250. Once you've been trained in every recipe she can train you, you can leave the instance.

Enchant the bracer some more with more force to increase the strength to 265.

Although you can get to 270 before the recipe you train from a trainer becomes yellow, I'm not going to make use of this recipe because it requires wildvine. Wildvine is a plant that is not available through disenchanting. I also make use of shards within the recipe. I would like to limit their use as much as I can. Vendor available recipe's are going to be used in order to bring the total up to 300.