BWC Islamabad General Block and Overseas Block - All You Need to Know

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Blue World City Islamabad is one of the city's most prestigious premium housing communities. The Blue Group of Companies is working on a major project.

BWC Islamabad General Block and Overseas Block - All You Need to Know

Pakistan is a great place for home buyers and real estate investors, which is why it offers so much potential. Regardless of the state of the economy (which, we admit, isn't perfect), there are still many things to love about real estate in Pakistan, as well as market forces that will determine its future. The real estate industry in Pakistan is forecast to show strong growth, with total residential and commercial sales rising from $10 Billion in 2015 to $37.3 Billion by 2025. Rental prices are forecasted at a CAGR of 6.2% during the period 2016 to 2025.  

The large pool of young population, increasing income levels, rising international exposure and easy access to funding [property investment service] make real estate sector very attractive in Pakistan. No matter where you plan to buy real estate in Pakistan [Real Estate Projects of Pakistan], using a licensed and professional services is highly recommended. An agent should be able to guide you what kind of property you should buy. You can also visit different properties and visit the different cities of Pakistan. This will give you an idea what are the best places to buy real estate like Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore [best real estate in Lahore].

There are two major societies in Islamabad

There are the Following Blocks in Blue World City:

Blue World City General Block

The ongoing construction projects in the country have offered a lot of opportunities for real estate investors to earn handsome returns on their investment. Investing in smart cities like Blue World City is a wise move that ensures long-term growth. Blue world city is a mega real estate development. It is expected to provide many advantages to investors who will have their investment in blue world city by which they are getting maximum returns at the end of their project completion.

The commutation of Blue World City [general block] from NOC to Lay Out approved project is a benchmark for blue world city as the first urban development in Pakistan. BWC’s [blue world city general block] work ethics, planning and other factors make it a great project for investment opportunity for Investors, Families, Senior Citizens and Professionals.

BWC General Block Owner & Developer

BWC General Block is being developed by Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company on a fast-track basis, which will be completed in just eight months. This would enable residents to take possession of their houses by January, 2015.

Blue World City NOC:

The RDA has previously accepted the planned No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Blue World City General Block [general block Islamabad], which includes the General Block. The NOC was issued by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in response to Vide Letter No. 532/10/DC. Dated: 07-08-2018. Following this approval, a new application for the extension of General Block was presented to the RDA. As a result, RDA has yet to accept Blue World City's NOC.

BWC Islamabad General Block Location

Founder and CEO of BWC Communities Mr. Saad Nazir, has made sure to place the block at a location [blue world city general block map] that provides easy and quick access to the residents. It has direct access from Chakri road. The location of BWC [general block blue world city] and General Block is close to twin cities: Rawalpindi and Islamabad, easily accessible from Kashmir Highway or GT Road.

Blue World City Overseas Block

For overseas residents and foreigners coming to Pakistan for CPEC. BWC Overseas Block is designed for those who are looking for luxury and comfort with complete access to all the luxuries of life. Ensuring optimal security, Overseas Block [blue world overseas block] is ideally equipped with all the requirements for a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle. BWC Overseas Block is the ultimate destination for overseas residents of Pakistan and the upcoming CPEC projects associated with it. BWC Overseas Block is located in Blue world City, Islamabad which is a highly secured community in the heart of Rawalpindi. The location [BWC overseas block map] itself is just perfect. You will find everything you need at your doorstep and even more.

We are planning to develop an outdoor entertainment area which will have facilities like barbeque pits, badminton courts and swimming pool as well as a separate kids play area where you may chill out, eat and relax with family. The Overseas Block [overseas block Islamabad] is a fantastic opportunity for overseas residence in Islamabad to live without the need of any third party service. This high-end apartment offers a host of exclusives services such as swimming pool, car parking, kid’s play area and shopping area all at the door step of the resident. The initial response and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and invite you to experience the difference at Tehsil Centre, Blue World city Islamabad.

BWC Islamabad Overseas Block location

It may seem like a trivial thing, but the location of your apartment block can have a big impact on your overall experience as a tenant. If you do end up living in the Overseas Block [BWC], hopefully these tips can help make your time there more pleasant. And if you are going to live in the Overseas Block, I hope that these tips will at least help make your commute to and from the Main Gate more enjoyable.

BWC Islamabad Overseas Block Features

The following are some of the most remarkable features of Overseas Block:

  • Security Surveillance
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Pakistan's Biggest Water Theme Park
  • Night Safari & Zoo
  • BWC Corporate Office
  • The World's Tallest Horse Mascots
  • Rumi's Square
  • Burj al Arab
  • Cricket Academy
  • Hilltop 5 Star Hotel
  • The Economic Zone
  • Forces School & College
  • First-Ever International Polo Club
  • Markets for small businesses

From the above mentioned features [Blue World City Sapphire] of BWC Islamabad Overseas Block it can be summarized that BWC is an emerging brand name in the property market of Islamabad which has carved a niche for itself in providing quality branded houses to its customers.


To summarize, the Blue World City is more than a concept. It's a fantasy. Every person's dream who is trying to build an asset and live a comfortable life. Every person who desires a name realizes their ambition. An individuality. It is a quest to raise low-income people's living standards to international levels on a shoestring budget. It is inexpensive and convenient for clients to purchase and invest.

Another important aspect of the initiative is the development of close ties between Pakistani and Chinese inhabitants. The Chinese accommodations are built to international standards to match their expectations in Pakistan and to improve the Pakistani culture.